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International Storage & Warehouses Directory provides our users with information on companies in the field of expertise in warehousing and storing (Cold Storage, Liquid, Bulk and Tank Storage, etc.)

In our Directory you can find out the best rates for customs bonded warehousing, receiving and loading shipments. Directory assists you to locate a specialized international shipping company that will organize your shipments' safe warehousing and moving storage in a neat, efficient and timely manner.
Low cost international shipping and moving services!
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Cherryville Public Warehouse
Chicagoland Quad Cities Express, Inc.
Cherryville Public Warehouse is a full service 3rd party warehouse and fulfillment company. Our highly experienced staff knows the importance of timely receiving, accurate inventories, on-time deliveries and great service.   Chicagoland Quad Cities Express offers a broad range of services which consist mainly of warehousing, transportation, distribution, and logistics for the Midwest and Chicago markets but extend much further.
Chris Hayter (Transport) Ltd.
  Founded in 1964 the transportation and warehousing business of Chris Hayter (Transport) Ltd has developed into a professional service encompassing all aspects of storage, picking / packing, dispatch and delivery.
Clemmer Moving & Storage
CM Lane Distribution Services Ltd.
Clemmer Moving and Storage is a company which specializes in the handling and distribution of articles of unusual nature which require specialized handling.   CM Lane Distributions Services provide total logistics solutions for retailers and their suppliers.
Coleshill Freight Services Ltd.
Comet Warehousing Distribution Services Ltd.
Our terminal is a regional depot for many of Britain's carriers and consolidators for their import and export services.   At COMET, we've been providing warehousing and distribution services to all types of businesses since 1944 with established long history of close-working relations with our customers.

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