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International Storage & Warehouses Directory provides our users with information on companies in the field of expertise in warehousing and storing (Cold Storage, Liquid, Bulk and Tank Storage, etc.)

In our Directory you can find out the best rates for customs bonded warehousing, receiving and loading shipments. Directory assists you to locate a specialized international shipping company that will organize your shipments' safe warehousing and moving storage in a neat, efficient and timely manner.
Low cost international shipping and moving services!
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Daily Nationwide Distribution Ltd.
Dangerous Goods Management
We offer warehousing and U.K. distribution services to industry nationwide. We carry wood products, dry foods,toiletries, machinery, plastics, packaging, paper goods, agricultural products and non-hazardous chemicals.   Dangerous Goods Management (DGM) is a company that provides the storage and warehouses services.
David Hathaway Transport Limited
Dayton Self Storage
In June 2002 David Hathaway Transport was presented with the Motor Transport Small Haulier of the Year 2002 Award.   Dayton Self Storage provides a solution for all your residential, business and commercial storage problems in province Ontario.
De Rocker NV
Denny Pryce Agencies Limited
De Rocker NV was established in in 1953 as warehousing company   Our office and warehouse complex is situated adjacent to the main port area in Felixstowe. With the ability to handle arrivals at Tilbury and Thamesport, we are the CFS operator able to offer full service at each of the major UK container ports.
DFI Logistics
Distri Centre Logistique
Established in 1994 DFI Logistics is a service provider in direct consolidation to USA, Australia & transportation management for wide range of industries.   Distri is a partner offering the services of its specialized, versatile staff to help you optimize your logistics.

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