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Universal Express International, Inc.

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Universal Express International, Inc.
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Gardena , California
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Customer's Reviews:

Albert MacDouglas

I am an eBay seller, I checked prices on oversize items and international items with UPS and other major shipping companies, then I ran across www.HomeShipping.com, and obtained rates that are at least 30% lower than UPS. It is easy to use and the customer service rep was very professional.

Comments: Thank you for your comment Albert. We are competitive internationally, and can offer several shipping options depending on the size of your shipment. Thanks. Again.


I just called the company for more info on shipping my personal items, and to my dismay-- the customer rep was rude, impatient, and extremely unhelpful. She is not a good/patient listener either. Doesn't this company want to make money?
The website however is great. It gives plenty of info, but after calling to inquire for specific details, I got slammed in the face with a very rude attitude. You might as well use the website without any personal touch with this shipping company.
By the way, I've called a few shipping companies recently, and this is the worst customer service I've experienced so far

Omar Jabri

These guys are great. I ordered some books from Amazon.com, I had Amazon send the books to Homeshipping warehouse in California. They in turn sent me the books by Fedex to Jordan. They were professionals and answered every questions that I had. I would recommend them for sure, and I would use them again.


Fast and inexpensive Service. Booked shipment online with homeshipping.com. They sent Fedex to pick up shipment. Delivered in Brighton, UK in 3 days.


Booked 14 boxes of my personal items online. Homeshipping picked up shipment from Boston, MA, and delivered to Bremen, Germany in 35 days. I used the LCL service, which is a consolidations deferred service, but it was worth, because, I paid an average of $20 per box. Pretty cheap. Will use again if I need to ship anything from USA.


I did shipped my boxes to India and insured one of the boxes and it was damaged in shipment and now to my surprise, I found that all of the boxes in the shipment were insured.And when claiming the insured amount, I found out that I will not get the required claim amount as all of them are insured and only one box is damaged so you will get a minimal amount which is somewhat equal to nothing and these people they are least interested to help me out but did took the money for insurance of course.

I would rate this company poor and misguiding. Just to get the business from the customers, which I think is spoiling their company's reputation.

I would recommend not to do shipping with this company.

Cesar R

This is the only company that actually took time, and explain to me where to start, they called me back and followed up with me. I shipped my HHG in a 20 foot container from Miami beach to Lima Peru. I just could not have done this without these guys. I would refer this company to anyone who is shipping for the first time. They really took me by hand step by step. Rosita

Nikolai K

First and most importantly the two things that you do great:

Customer service is fantastic and rates are A LOT cheaper than on our own.

Minor issues:

-Shipping a new order is a buggy. The system saves the information from a previous shipment. This is probably a cookie issue. But every once in awhile, I am not able to send a shipment because the country is not getting picked up. I have noticed this only with Canada.

-I donít like having to sign in again to view past bills. What is the point of signing in twice with another password? I donít use this feature because of it. I just view my credit card statement for billing issues.

These are two minor issues (cookies and viewing bills) that doesnít hinder my use with your website.


Nikolai K.

Eric Spetts

Hi. Who knew it could be so easy to ship a big box to Sweden from Georgia. You saved me considerable time and aggrevation. Thanks to Debbie Van Winkle and others who made this a pleasant experience.

Eric Spetts

Haithem S

I felt very comfortable talking to each and with everyone of your customer service. The information given to me were detailed enough to make me comfortable to proceed forward with the next steps, such as payment. Your honesty and pleasant customer handling skills are the main elements to complement. The only down issue, which I think was not within your capability, was the ground handling quote. I believe that you are one of the best shipping companies that I ever dealt or communicated with.


Haithem S.

Rosa Maria Laso

Dear Home Shipping
I am really so happy about the service, my container arrive as fast as I arrive to Peru, everything complete everything in one piece. For me it was the first time and I had many concerns about the safety of my household and personal items.
Im going to refer this service to my friends and I probably use it in a future for some import/export business I have in mind.
Thank you again for everything and to the courteous staff who assited me.
Rosa Maria Laso

Alaa Al Ramahi

Brandon, Florida to Sharja, UAE,
It was great service from your side ... I wish you keep it . all the best foe you and the team. thank you


Hi LZ,

I appreciated the business with you. Everything went fine except of one thing:
As I picked up the boxes from the destination port I had to pay fees to the local agent and port authority. I would really appreciate if you offer another rate which includes these fees at the destination port.
Of course, I am not talking about taxes and customs.


Rebekah Ginda

Our homeshipping.com experience was overall good. I was pleased with how available the representatives were when we called and with their helpfulness. Though I have never shipped overseas before, when doing our price comparison, your prices were the best.

The only thing I would change is the booking process. I found it confusing how we would get a price quoted, but then in the email that was sent, the price was sometimes different . I would much prefer to book with a person over the phone.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to feedback. 20' container from Seattle Washington to Bremenhaven, Germany



We used your shipping program in the summer primarily, mostly shipments to australia. We are a ski shop located in Ohio, since the snow melts most of the business we do is overseas. Debbie usually handles our acct and we are greatful for the assistance she provides. She is easy to contact (via email or call) and is always up for searching for the best price for us. Now that we are accustomed to the website, most orders run smoothly. My one recommendation is faster response to orders put in. If we could recieve the labels sooner it would be nice. Also if the process went faster we could pack and ship on the same day ( so our products get to our customers quicker.. some times we get caught up on the weekend and something that was ready to leave here friday.. now cant leave til monday). well thanks for the 5% discount.



sherman amsel

This has been one of the most pleasant shipping experiences i have ever had! you made it so simple, and the price was fantastic. you have my vote, and my business.

best regards,
sherman amsel



I just wanted to say a big thanks to you. I hope your work is totally ok with you helping me.

Im sure Ill get to meet you sometime and look forward to shouting you lunch one day in the future.

Have a nice day

Fawaz Al Zuhairy

Saturday, October 09, 2010 11:33 AM
To: Aiman Toubeh
Subject:Shipping from LA to Kuwait

Dear Aiman,

The bags arrived a day before our arrival and were picked up by our family in Kuwait.
I again thank you so much for your great help and professionalism on this.

I will make sure that everyone I know in the US who needs such service will have your number.

Thanks again.


Debbie Black

Tuesday, October 26, 2010 2:17 PM
To: HomeShipping


Thank you so much for all of your help with this shipment. Yaíll have been so helpful and pleasant to deal with. These books will be a tremendous blessing to the children at Ebenezer Christian School in Pt. Elizabeth. I know Brittany and the staff will be so excited when they arrive. Thanks again for your help.

God Bless,
Deb Black

Comments: Thank you Debbie. We're glad we were able to help. Take care.

Mark Stevens

Los Angeles; December 20, 2010

Wow! we sent two ipads with these guys from the apple store in Los Angeles, one to Germany and one to Australia. They prepared all export documents and emailed the bar coded labels by email. The ipad to Germany was delivered in two days, Sydney was delivered in four days. It was kool that they called us after the delivery to check on us few days later. Will use again for sure. Thanks guys

Mohammad Hanif

December 16, 2010
Subject: Alabama - Riyad Saudi Arabia

Dear Mike
I was really very satisfied with your services. I like the way you took yourtime and explained the details, especially what happen to my shipment afterit arrives. You were 100% right. I did exactly as per your recomandation, and cleared shipment quickly from customs. I am thanksful for your great service. I will tell all my friends in Alabama about your service. Thanks you.

Brittany Blackburn

Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2010 10:10:50 -0800

I had a great experience with your shipping company. Marianne was extremely helpful in getting me the exact types of boxes I needed and helping me set everything up while being in a different company. The only difficulty was with the shipping office in Port Elizabeth. I had contacted them weeks before of when the date would be since I was trying to line it up from America. I did not hear from her until the shipment arrived and then I only had a few hours to pick it up before she started charging me storage. Everything worked out. I will definitely be using your company in the future for my shipping needs.

Comments: Hi Brittany and thanks for your comments. We spoke to Mary at our NJ office and passed your concerns to her. We will make sure we are more prompt in alerting clients that their shipments have arrived. Thanks and we're glad you had a great shipping experience with us.


Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2010 21:43:04 -0800


I had a good experience with your shipping service in the US.
My only complaint is that your counterpart in India was not prompt in informing about the shipping arrival. I had to do a lot of followup to get information. Your agent was also not helpful in locating a good C&F agent.

If only, your counterparts can devise similar systems as you have in the US.



Comments: Hi Harshal; We've sent a copy of your email to the area manager in India. By standard, you should receive the arrival notice around a week Before the arrival of the shipments, sometimes two weeks. We strongly suggest that our clients be pro active and contact our destination office once they have settled down. Our final shipping documents will always carry the tracking number and the agent's name at destination. Thanks again for your business.

Ron Hartree

Subject: Re: Homeshipping.com Review
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2010 06:45:18 -0800

Hello Layth
The whole experience with Home Shipping has been very good . Even though the process of shipping something 1/4 way around the world is not something I have ever done in the past your company made the experience simple .Your price was good , I guess , other companies seem to have difficulty coming up with a price from Montreal ,Canada to Kralendijk , Bonaire . If I have anymore personal belongings that I have to ship I'll definitely be in touch . About the only comment I have is that having a way to track the progress of my crate would have been nice , but I guess It must almost be at the end of it's journey .

Ron Hartree


Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2010 07:32:59 -0800

Good morning,

We used Homeshiping.com for an international shipment from the US to Canada. Your website was easy to use. When I tried to contact a representative from your organization, she returned my call promptly and was able to answer my question. Overall, it was a good experience and we will consider using Homeshipping.com again. The only aspect of the transaction that we were disappointed with is how expensive it is to ship to Canada plus the COD charge that our client got stuck with. What ever happened to NAFTA?

Happy Holidays,


Comments: Andy, this is a Great question? All shipments going to Canada are subject to "Brokerage fees". So, we a US based company quotes you for the shipping rates to Canada, always ask them for the brokerage fees at destination, or in Canada. Most shippers to Canada are not aware of the brokerage fees at destination. Thanks again, and we're glad that you had a great shipping experience

Aleksander Balev

I sent 8 boxes to Sofia Bulgaria using their ocean freight service. It too few days longer than quoted, but, it was easy. They are very patient especially LZ who really took his time to explain to me the procedure. I would recommend them.

Johanna Sameon

January 06,2011
New York, NY
Farsta, Sweden

Debbie was very helpful. She arranged for a pick up from our apartment on the 23rd floor. Price was around $300 to ship 3 boxes by sea. I received my boxes in good shape. Thanks Debbie

Geovany Moran

January 11, 2011
From: Sacramento, Ca
To: Managua, Nicaragua

I Shipped my tools and a generator from my shop in Northern California to Nicaragua using the ocean freight service. I like how you told me about the charges in Nicaragua. I knew what to expect. For sue I will use again.

Comments: Great. Geovany. Every country has something called the (Destination Fees). It is the cost of taking your shipment from the vessel at the Port or Aircraft at the airport and prepare it for customs clearance and delivery. Some countries call their fees differently, but, all countries, including the USA have these fees and they all pass it to the client. It is also known as Terminal Handling Fees. Take care

Ronnie Patel

January 20, 2011
Riverside, Ca
Abu dhabi, UAE

I think I had a nice experience with you guys. Debbie was very patient. Your drive came on time. I received my package in good shape few days later. I am happy! Thanks you.

Comments: Great. Please note if you ever need anything from the USA, you can use our BuyNship services. email us at sales@homeshipping.com or go to the link to learn more: http://www.homeshipping.com/products/Shopping%20from%20the%20USA.asp

Waleed Al Wardy

The first time I called Mike made me feel at ease. I like how Mike made me understand what to expect in Kuwait. I shipped 6 large boxes from West Virginia. They came to Morgantown the next day. Then I think they took the boxes to Chicago or somewhere close and then shipped it to Kuwait. I paid $700+. It was by far the best deal. Really, I am satisfied.

George Watters

Shipped one huge crate nearly 500 lbs from WV to Sydney Port, Australia. Great service, paid too much to clear customs, but, at least I was expecting it. I still think they overcharged me in Australia. I wish I did the door to door, but it was fine. Thanks.

Comments: Customs clearance in Australia is expensive. All containers are subject to off loading at the AQIS or the Australian Customs, then many items may be subject to Fumigation. So, the procedure in taking the container that contains your shipment, dismantle the items inside the container, and separate and prepare your items in a separate location is pretty expensive. Thanks for your business, we're glad you had a nice shipping experience with us.

Ahmed Amin Saeed

February 18, 2011
From: Glendale, Ca
Alexandria, Egypt

I can tell you it was pleasant and professional. Even their office in Egypt, despite of all the problems there were very helpful. It takes too long, but, It's ok, I got all my pieces intact. I shipped 13 boxes, there was no weight limit deal, and I paid around $500. It was a great deal comparing to other companies I called. Yes, I would consider using your company again. Thanks

Danesh Raiga

I had 11box at 30 lbs. I thought my only option was UPS. I googled "international Shipping", I found you guys. I paid 1083 USD for shipping y stuff from my door in Fullerton to my door in Australia. I was paying at least double that with UPS. Granted it is by sea, but, I save over a thousand dollars. I would have used you pallet service next time. 2 of my boxes were crushed a little bit. anyways. Thanks

Leonie Paul

I had 5 small boxes. I found you by searching on Google. I type "shipping to Germany". You ship for me using Federal Express. I track with online, and they delivered in few days. It was good service.

Daniela Matheweo

Hi, I shipped one large Uhaul box about 50 lbs and paid $285. They prepared the labels and shipped box with Fedex. I received it in one week. I feel I can use you again.

AnanthaMurugan Dhandapani

I shipped 2 TVs and 3 boxes of household items from San Francisco Bay area to India. Two TVs were stolen. Hence do not ship any valuables. Home shipping involved a subcontractor Team Global to ship from Singapore to India. I was not advised of the same. Both Home shipping and Team Global were not ready to reimburse even the cost of the TV

Comments: We are sorry that you have experienced this terrible loss. We strive to provide the best shipping experience for all clients. Adam in our sales team asked you if you wish to acquire insurance for the TV for an additional $25, and you opted not to buy the insurance. Then Debbie in Accounting further suggested that you consider buying Insurance coverage prior to processing payment, and you opted not to purchase the insurance. Our delivery record to India is over 99%. Your claim was the first claim since 1995. Unfortunately, we were not able to compensate you. We regret the event, and hope that we receive another chance to help your shipping needs in the future. Thanks

Virginia Hey

Ive had the most wonderful experience with the company who shipped my
belongings to the UK. Home Shipping - wwwHomeShipping.com. Both people
who delt with my account Mike and Debbie, were so helpful and patiently
answered all my questions and the most fantastic plus was that they
diligently worked within my budget and went the extra mile to really
assist me. I am shipping from LA to London, 43 cartons.

The Home Shipping men who came to pick up my 43 boxes were also kind and

Overall 5 star experience! Thank you Home Shipping!

I thoroughly recommend them and sing their praises!

Bless you both

Kindest regards

Britta Billingsley

My experience with this company has been an absolute nightmare from the very beginning. It took 95 days for me to receive my belongings that were shipped from Durham, NC to Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Also one of the six boxes I shipped was completely gone, another one had only one of the four pictures in it. I have been accused of using used boxes, for not wrapping it correctly, etc.


I loved homeshipping. They are the Best

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