Domestic and worldwide moving and storage for household goods, pets, art, cars. Reception, deconsolidation or consolidation and forwarding of shipments by sea, air or road to any destination in the world. help
Low cost international shipping and moving services!

Transworld International

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Low cost international shipping and moving services!
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Transworld International
Contact:    Fanny Sterckx
Phone:       +32 2 687 50 90
Fax:            +32 2 687 92 40
Address:Cl. Vanophemstraat 78
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Transworld International extends a very high and fully professional level of moving and storage services at competitive prices everywhere in the world.

Whether you are relocating your household, office, pet, piece of art or car or would like to arrange for temporary or long term storage, you can depend on Transworld International. We can also take care of housing arrangements. State of the art facilities and great people, supported by customized technology, make the difference. We understand how important it is to you that your belongings arrive in a timely manner and in the same condition in which they left.
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Lena Lopez

I would not recommend this agency. It all started well - they were courteous, on time, and packed up all my things. They gave me an expected arrival date which was about 5 weeks from the day of pick up. That date came and went, I didn't hear from them. I finally contacted them to see what was happening and was told my things had only just arrived in completely different port (so it seems my things only left Belgium about a month after they picked it up). They said there were some more delays but it could be about 5 days. OK - so I waited and again nothing. I contacted them again two weeks later and they said now it should be any day. Finally my things arrived over a month after the initial scheduled arrival date. Three of the most valuable things were destroyed (artwork and antiques) and the men who delivered them said it was because of the poor packing soft cardboard and bubble wrap for fragile items). I contacted the agency again and they said it wasn't their problem as I hadn't bought their very expensive insurance. I paid a good deal for a specific service (getting my things from there to here, within a specified time frame, in once piece). Transworld did not keep its side of the bargain and took no responsibility or gave an explanation for why not.

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