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TSI has been providing freight shipping services for over 15 years and is a UPS Approved Supplier. We ship to and from anywhere in the United States. help
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Transit Systems Inc.

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Low cost international shipping and moving services!
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United States
Transit Systems Inc.
Contact:    Christopher Smith
Phone:       800-749-2167
Fax:            800-228-8131
Address:999 Old Eagle School Rd., Ste 114
Wayne , Pennsylvania
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TSI offers several ways to ship freight. Each offers advantages for making small moves or shipping large items. A TSI shipping specialist will help you determine your best shipping option for furniture shipping, shipping antiques, shipping large appliances, shipping household goods or office equipment, or shipping crates or pallet loads. If it's bigger than a parcel, TSI can probably ship it.

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NIGHTMARE MOVE!! The shadiest company around. Beware. Do not use this company. Broke furniture, scratched floors and put holes in the walls.

Ernest Pons

My father bought a console stereo in 1969 when I was 12. He passed away a year ago and my stepmother offered it to me. It had never been moved in 40 years and was in perfect, flawless condition. Best of all, it still worked! I was glad to have something of my Dad's so I contracted with TSI to have it shipped from Florida to California. The TSI person I spoke with has helpful, polite and professional. Unfortunately TSI contracts out their business to a carrier, and the shipper I got did extensive damage to the unit. It arrived with three of the four legs broken off and one missing altogether. Due to the curvilinear Scandinavian design of the legs repair was not easy or cheap. I ended up having to drive the unit in my van 120 miles (one way) to the nearest furniture repair expert who could restore it. The repairs cost $800. The unit cost me $500 to ship and I had insured it for $600. The TSI representative was helpful, but the insurance claim process was an ordeal. You have to "prove" what the item is worth, you have to "prove" that it was damaged, and there is a lot of paperwork involved. In the end (after three months) I got $342. The fine print revealed that there is a $250 deductible on all claims. The shipper's liability is limited to ten cents per pound--so for the 80 lb stereo that is only $8.00. Given that, they basically don't care what happens to your furniture. They treat it like garbage. Packing was minimal--they just threw a drop cloth over the unit. What should have cost me $500 to ship cost me $950. That is $500 + $800 - $342 - $8. Due to my experience, including the anguish of having what to me was a priceless heirloom damanged, I cannot recommend this company.


Moved a sofa, recliner and some other assorted furniture along with some boxes from New Jersey to Austin. Everything was moved well. The boxed stuff included my computer and some other electronics that I had to pack. Andrea at TSI explained how to pack it and everything was fine. Pickup was within the window. The only bad thing I can say is that they originally promised to deliver on a Tuesday but there was some kind of delay and we had to reschedule. But they called me well ahead of time and it wasn't really a problem.


Can't say enough good...the pickup was ontime, the driver couldn't have been better (some of the other online shippers require that you lift everything onto the truck) he helped me with everything..my new Plasma TV and all my things arrived in absolutely perfect condition...Delivery was ontime with the same incredible courtesy. Tsi rocks!


The experience with the company was a very poor one. My move was scheduled way in advance, and I was relying on everything working out as planned. I was told the driver would be there between the hours of 1-5pm, but as far as I know, he never showed. I waited and eventually called at 3:30p and was told he was in the field and to call within an hour if I had not heard anything. I called back within the hour and was told that he came, left, could not come back, and it was my fault since I was not curbside waiting. When I asked why I wasn't called when he got to my place, I was told that the drivers don't carry phones. I was shocked that they expected customers to wait for 4 hours curbside when no specific pick up time was given. I also find it difficult to believe that the drivers donít have access to phones to call the customers or call the company back to figure out where the customer is. All in all it was the worst moving experience for me, and I hope they change their policy. Based on my experience, I would not recommend


TSI was the best mover I could find because I only had a small apartment worth of stuff moving from Chapel Hill to NYC . Other movers were asking too much. Everything was picked up on time, nice guys too, and delivered on time. Can't say enough good things about them because your always a little nervous with movers but these guys were great with phone calls and stuff.


Very good. Shipped two pallets from Boston to France. Fast response and everything went fine. Transit Systems handled the paperwork including pickup in Brookline for delivery to the ocean terminal in Boston. Took about 4 weeks for delivery to terminal in Marseilles.


Transit Systems moved items from our summer home in Sarasota, FL to our homes in Philadelphia and Cape May, NJ. They were very professional from start to finish and were very easy to work with. They even made an extra stop at another location for us in the Phila area that was not originally planned. Their customer service was outstanding. We were kept informed at all times of the pickup window and delivery timeframes. We would use Transit Systems again without hesitation and would give them a resounding endorsement.


TSI seemed pleasant to work with and set up a move, including packing, for a pair of antique china cabinets on very short notice. I was assured that they could move the cabinets safely and was told that the maximum I could insure them for was $3,000. The actual value of the cabinets is difficult to determine as they are over 100 years old and have been in my family the entire time. The cabinets were picked up as scheduled, but the crew had a single blanket to protect the cabinets and said they don't usually move furniture. I called Tom and after speaking with the movers he assured me that they could get the cabinets to the terminal and they would be well packaged at the terminal.
When my cabinets arrived in CA they were basically destroyed - legs broken off, four beautiful wood lattice/glass doors broken (really broken) and one of the door frames was snapped in half. A local, reputable, repair shop has quoted $7,000 to repair the damage and no matter how good he is, they will never be the same. I understand that the insured value was less than the damages, but expect to receive an apology and the full insured amount. TSI's partner for insurance is Moving Insurance and here is the response to my claim:
The amount of insurance purchased must be not less than the Replacement Value of the property. If it is, the Insurance Carrier will not pay for the full value of any item lost or damaged. The Assured shall, to the extent of such deficit, bear his, her or their proportion of the loss. If a valued inventory has been submitted with the insurance document, the maximum liability shall not exceed the indicated amount. In no instance shall the Insurance Carrier's total liability exceed the insured value declared on this document.
You have stated that the replacement value is $10,000. The items were insured for $3000. We divided the insured value by the replacement value for a co-insurance factor of .3. The $3000 insured value by .3 is a total allowed amount of $900. After applying your deductible of $100, we are extending to you an offer of $800. To accept our offer, please sign and have notarized the attached release, and return to me via email, fax or mail.
The math here baffles me. Ignoring the fact that there is no specified deductible amount in the contract, the whole concept of saying "you under insured, therefore we owe you less than the insured value" makes no sense. By their logic, if the cabinets had been worth $100,000.00, I would receive 0.90 cents before the deductible.
Net-Net - don't trust TSI or Moving Insurance with anything of value. They will commit to anything to get your business and you'll need to take them to court if something goes wrong.

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