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E. Stewart Mitchell, Inc. was founded in 1941. Its purpose was to engage in the application, marketing, and transportation of all types of liquid asphalts. help
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E. Stewart Mitchell, Inc.

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United States
E. Stewart Mitchell, Inc.
Phone:       410-354-0600
Address:1250 Benhill Avenue
Baltimore , Maryland
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Asphalt Application:
E. Stewart Mitchell, Inc. has been in the business of applying liquid asphalt for over fifty years. Our fleet of computerized asphalt distributors and highly experienced operators can deliver precisely the right amount of product to your job. We are equipped to handle any size job from just a few gallons to those that require several trailers of materials each day.

E. Stewart Mitchell, Inc. can supply you and your company with many quality liquid asphalt products. This includes paving grade asphalt for your hot mix plant, asphalt emulsions and cutback asphalt. You can take comfort in knowing that when these products are delivered they are heated to the proper temperature and will exceed all required specifications.
In addition, we provide top quality diesel fuel and other petroleum products.

We are equipped with both insulated and non-insulated trailers to handle a wide range of petroleum products. We are prepared to handle both local and long distance deliveries. Once on the job, your product can be pumped into your tank or the trailer can be dropped on-site. If the material is to be delivered to a job site, we can also provide a portable storage tank to hold your product.

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