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Spectrum Shipping Services, Inc. provides chartering, operations, logistics services. help
Low cost international shipping and moving services!

Spectrum Shipping (SPECSHIP) Services, Inc.

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Low cost international shipping and moving services!
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United States
Spectrum Shipping (SPECSHIP) Services, Inc.
Contact:    206 545 4889
Phone:       98103-3659
Fax:            206-545-4889
Address:312 North 85th Avenue, Suite 111
Seattle , Washington
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Spectrum Shipping (SPECSHIP) Services, Inc. has Shipowner, disponent, time charterer Owners worldwide, Charterers of many commodities and products, such as rice, wheat, corn, peas, lentils, beans, oats, lead, zinc and copper concentrates, sands, steels and various project cargoes. Our customers range from the small trading company to the largest multi-national, publicly traded companies doing shipments worldwide. The brokers are experienced in all aspects of ocean transportation (bulk,
breakbulk, heavy lift project cargo), letter of credit financing, cargo sampling and laytime statements. The Mission Statement of "SPECSHIP" is to provide innovative and dynamic shipping solutions to all of our Clients.

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