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Low cost international shipping and moving services!
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Seven Seas Worldwide
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The Baggage Worldwide service helps you to ship personal effects and excess baggage internationally. Pack your Seven Seas' tea chest cartons and send them overseas by air freight or sea freight.
- free packing cartons delivered & collected from your address;
- monitor the progress of your personal effects;
- free storage for one month prior to sending overseas;
- your own bags, boxes or suitcases accepte.

The nationwide Mini Move service helps you in moving personal effects and excess luggage from one place to another. Seven Seas can provide you with packing cartons & material to help with your relocation:
- convenient delivery between different local / nationwide addresses;
- free packing cartons & materials delivered & collected from your address;
- multiple collection option collect from several addresses & redeliver to one address;
- storage available until you provide us with your new accommodation details.

The Seven Seas Pack and Store service can offer you safe storage for your personal effects / excess baggage. We provide you with tea chest cartons & packaging material. We also collect from your door, store for an unlimited time and deliver back to your door when you request:
- long term & short term storage options in secure, vermin proof, safe facilities;
- free packing cartons & materials delivered & collected from your address;
- viewing option brief return of some stored cartons for inspection / re-packing;
- your own bags, boxes or suitcases accepted.

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Customer's Reviews:

lillian moremoholo

I am SOUTH AFRICAN Iship with seven seas all the time. My property arrives safely and intact all the time. My friends use this company as well and they are happy with the service.


Seven Seas Worldwide gave me great service. I sent my stuff home to the UK and it arrived on time. They have also sent some of my friends things overseas and they tell me that they would use again. They gave me a call when it arrived in UK and arranged a time for delivery to my house. I WOULD ABOLUTELY USE SEVEN SEAS AGAIN. They made the whole thing sooo easy.


I have been travelling for almost two years now and Seven Seas Worldwide has saved me so much money. I have used their services between the UK, New Zealand and Australia. They even stored my stuff when I went walkabout in the Northern Territory. They are so polite and helpful, I would strongly recommend using this company if you are a traveller.


I think this page must be out of date, Seven Seas Worldwide are great, they are always my first call for staff moving abroad and stored my sons stuff between years at university to save him brining it all home and then taking back again. Boxes are collected and delivered on time.

I can only assume that the experiences above are back in 2007 or something - I've been using them regularly since 2008 and find them great.

I would have no problems recommending Seven Seas Worldwide to anyone looking to relocate their personal belongings or store their student stuff.


I used this company in the last couple of weeks to move 2 boxes, around 60kg of personal belongings from Sydney to Johannesburg.

The company was well organized, very helpful and very quick and effective.

I really would recommend Seven Seas worldwide to anyone


Have to agree with "Kalona" and "Brett" on this one and I think the first review must be very old as I have heard nothing but good about Sevenseas from university pals who have used them for gap year storage while they travelled. Maybe they listened to the problems in the past and got their act together or maybe someone ( a rival perhaps) is going around posting bad reviews but whatever I would recommend them and know many other students who would too.

Dan D

I used Seveseas to ship 12 boxes from Singapore to NZ in 2009.

I had no problems with this company, I was always able to get an answer when I called their toll free number and what they quoted was what they charged. The goods were delivered in good time and I was contacted in advance regarding the delivery.

If this company has had any problems in the past they seem to be long gone as it was quick, easy and simple to use them and all my stuff arrived in good order.

The only concern I had was that they didn't leave me with any copies of shipping documentation when I sent my boxes, only email messages which had a lot of information but not the detailed breakdown as on the forms I filled in which meant that had there been a problem I would not have known what was in each box.

Other than that I would recommend Sevenseas without reservation.

Kate Little

Seven Seas is the best company to relocate with and I would recommend them to anybody. I have been travelling and working over the past five years and I have used Seven Seas twice for an international relocation and once for storage. My family love them too because when the boxes arrive on time so have the presents!!! They are so much cheaper than the airlines, so convenient and I have never been charged anything extra. This is the only company I would recommend because they are the best.


I agree. Seven Seas is a good shipping company. I used before sending my stuff from NZ to Malaysia at the beginning of this year. I called to the NZ office. The lady explained the price and procedures clearly. They charged me the same price that they quoted and there wasn't any surprises. The shipment arrived in Malaysia on time. I am delight with Seven Seas service. I recommended my flatmate to use this company.


I used Seven Seas to ship my two boxes stuff back to China. I do like their service, it is handy and efficient. There was no hassle about time delay or extra charges. I definitely will use them next time and I highly recommend seven seas to my friends.


1. Bad service. They don't reply emails and the guy on the other side of the telephone line (if they ever pick up) knows nuts.

2. 70 days delivery time frame is nonsense. My things took more than 3 freaking months to reach me. They gave some nonsensical excuse. I have read that other people are complaining the same thing. So if they can't deliver by 70 days, they should not advertise it.

3. Over- charged me for a guitar that I shipped over. Quoted me one price and they charged me another. The quotation on the website is not accurate. Don't trust it!

I will never use them ever again. Once bitten, never again. It is a terrible company that no one should ever trust with their belongings. Find a proper shipping company. This one is just plain terrible.


We were really pleased with SevenSeas Worldwide which we used to ship 15 boxes from the UK to Australia. Their quote was the cheapest with pick up from Northern Ireland. The process was easy and stress free. We submitted accurate box measurements (via email) so the price they quoted was the price we paid. Paperwork was clearly explained and the door to door service was hassle free. We were given a one hour window for pick up and delivery (via email and text) and both pick up and delivery happened on time with friendly, efficient drivers. In fact their staff called the day before collection to ensure we had boxes labeled properly and that everything was in order and the collection courier called a half hour before he arrived to confirm he was enroute. I used online tracking once and was able to see the ship my goods were on and estimated date of arrival, which proved to be accurate. From pick up to delivery it took about two and a half months from the UK to Australia which was a little quicker than I'd expected as we were really pleased. The shipment arrived in perfect condition. There were no hidden costs. I would recommend Sevenseas Worldwide. If you do use the company I would advise using their boxes as they are very strong. Clean any items like shoes, bikes etc. very thoroughly to ensure you incur no extra customs costs. Ours were spotless and we had no problems.

John Henderson

My name is John Henderson and, with my brother William, we started Seven Seas Worldwide. While I am pleased to see such a wide range of positive feedback for our shipping company I am very concerned by the post by Adel in which a complaint has been raised. Adel I have looked into your case and can see that mistakes were made and I will be contacting you personally to apologize. I would like to take this opportunity to reassure anyone who feels in any way that the worldwide shipping service they received is not what they paid for that they can contact me directly at the above email address and I will personally respond to your issues. Our aim is to ensure that any excess baggage, luggage, boxes or personal items you choose to ship with Seven Seas Worldwide is not only collected and delivered when we agreed but that the service we offer which includes our customer support is second to none. We have two call centres worldwide both having 24 hour telephone services as well as a contact form on our website. We have also recently developed a testimonial website at where we encourage all of our clients, old and new, to give us both positive and negative feedback for Seven Seas to act upon in order to continually improve our worldwide shipping services. Again I would like to reassure potential clients that our online shipping quote service will give you the correct quote for where you want your items shipping to with no added extras but ask you to be aware that if changes are made to the items to be shipped or the shipping to destination it will potentially change the original quote.


I have just had the worst experience with sevenseas. It started of well, but then turned to custard. I was given the wrong information from start to finish. I wanted to send one box from NZ to Ireland, was told it was going to be$360 as I had filled in the quote form with measurements and weight. I was told to send just a copy of my passport and that was it. I rang the next week to confirm box to be picked up, only to be told thats not the case, I had to fill in forms and email them to them before the next stage. I tried to send the scanned forms to them, only for them not to received. I them tried to send them separately, but they were returned, 3 days of this. I gave up on this and told them I would post them, this being a week so far of talking to different people and getting a different answer each time. Finally pickup was arrange and as I was told I would be invoice soon. I got the invoice a week later, and it read $900. It stated the weight of box was 25kg over and yet we had it weighed at airport and it was 36kg, well within the limit. I rang straight away and questioned this price, to be told it was based on metric and volume or something.I was told I could change it to freight by sea, as it was going to be half the price. I just needed to send a email stating this. I sent an email straight away, received a message back that message was delayed, so I sent it again. Yet again email was returned to me. I sent a new one, didn't hear from them again for 2 days, and then at 9.30pm sunday night I get an email saying, sorry the box had already left it was to late. I have written 2 emails and tried to talk to a manager to say the service and treatment has been unacceptable but I have not heard a peep.It has been a headache and unprofessional attitude that comes from the service is so frustrating. I would just say go for a shipping agent that comes to your house or take it to the depot yourself and get a quote there and then. I sent 5 huge boxes home from Ireland with a agent locally and it only cost me $800, why didn't I go to that agent again I will never know.


The most reliable company for shipping. It took a month from London back to Malaysia door to door no extra cost.quoted price is the same as the final invoice. I'm gonna use this again.worth of money and secure.

C Stirk

We have just used Seven Seas to move our belongings from Montreal to Dallas and are very disappointed with the service. We shipped 10 items including a home theatre system in its original packing. In this case UPS acted as couriers.

When our boxes arrived they were a real mess. Every box showed signs of external damage and many of our things inside were also damaged. They had obviously not been treated with any kind of consideration at all. Some of the boxes looked as though they had been opened and badly repacked. At the very least we would have expected the box containing the stereo to be handled with a little more, given that the contents were obviously sensitive electronic goods.

We have shipped personal belongings to New Zealand and back and not had so many items damaged. Needless to say we'll be using another company for our next move.


Take my advice and investigate sending it by air using the excess baggage services. It's likely to get there *a lot* faster and cost the same or less.

I don't intend ever using Seven Seas again after my bad experience with them. Like Ruth, I was given incorrect information. I got a telephonic quote from one of their staff which was wrong. His command of English was poor. I specifically asked for a quote for a large suitcase. I gave dimensions. He told me he was quoting on the largest available. To cut a long story short, I ended up sending less baggage. Despite this, they charged even more than their original quote.

What was also annoying and what I wasn't told originally was that it'd have been more cost effective to send two tea chests for this cost. I could have sent double the amount of baggage. Why wasn't I told this?

I was also told it would take eight weeks. It took 10 - nearly three months!

I wasn't impressed either by their responses to emails. A woman called Jane did reply to one, but was not at all helpful. John Henderson, one of the co-founders, also said he'd personally follow up and respond to unresolved customer complaints. I wrote to him, but he didn't bother replying.

S Ghosh

I had what was initially a good experience: I called them and asked for a quote for my boxes of books to be shipped from Canada to the UK, and I was told that since my boxes were smaller than the ones that they provide, I would be charged for the total volume and it would work out to significantly less than the price of the same number of their boxes (the person who told me this said he was William--the above-mentioned William Henderson?). After some amount of confusion at their end, the boxes were collected, but when I received the invoice, i found that I was being charged a flat rate for all the boxes, equivalent to the same price as I would have been charged for their boxes, even though mine were over 20% smaller. I called and was now told that they charge the same price for boxes smaller than theirs as they do for their own boxes; when I mentioned the earlier quote, I was told that a note would be left for William and he would contact the accounts department and change the invoice. This was 48 hours ago; nothing has happened, and now when I call, no one picks up. I'll try writing to John Henderson--but I'm beginning to doubt his claim of customer service second to none...

John Henderson

Hi David, I’ve read your comments and looked into the details of your shipment. The dimensions of the actual suitcase were much larger than those you provided during the phone booking (resulting in the increased charges). We received your email about the charge increase on May 1 at 16:54 and responded (in less than an hour). When you emailed us to advise that you had not received our previous message we replied once again on May 4. Your documentation shows payment on May 3 and delivery on July 16, 10 days less than the 84 quoted. (We pride ourselves on providing excellent standards of service.) Sorry for not personally responding sooner but I did not receive an email from you and this is the first time I have seen your comments. I can be contacted directly at John Henderson.

S Ghosh

This is to update my previous comment: after a number of calls over many days I did eventually get the revised invoice reflecting the actual volume of my boxes; I also eventually got emails from Jane, and (6 weeks later) John Henderson. My books reached me safely in the UK about 7 weeks after being collected in Canada, and John Henderson has been in touch with me a number of times about the issues I faced. It's not entirely clear to me where the blame lies--simple inefficiency on the part of some staff, crossed communication within the office, or what, but overall my experience was completely satisfactory in the end, and I would certainly consider using Seven Seas again (though I would hope these matters will no longer come up). Certainly, there seems to be a real effort on the part of the boss of the company to deal with all these issues, and hopefully that will have an effect on all the staff as well. I'm pasting in the last of my correspondence with Henderson to give readers the full details of what happened and what the boss of the company is doing about it (note that the tardiness mentioned in the first paragraph had to do with the response of Seven Seas' invoice team after the boxes had arrived at their local depot and they had got the full details of volume; there was no delay in sending me the original, inflated invoice!).


Thanks Mr Ghosh,

Your comments are greatly appreciated.

In answer to the last point of your Point (A), your shipment was collected by a contractor and we have to wait for its arrival at the depot which may explain some of our subsequent tardiness. We will be tracking all your calls to see who you spoke to see where there seems to be confusion within our staff about the charge per m3 (I do not doubt what you say for a moment but I cannot deny I am very surprised, we really do drum it into all our staff)

Funnily enough your Point (B) is being developed at this very moment. We have 14 companies around the world dealing with personal effects like your own, with one centralised computer system and 3 worldwide business centres dealing with calls, emails, etc. Therefore, having a standard definition is extremely important but it is very challenging with different regulation regimes for Health and Safety. We did have one but rules and practises evolve and change over time which needs to be recognised and a new definition devised.

If you choose to use us again, I can assure you there will have been changes made as a consequence of your email.

Kind regards,

John W. B. Henderson
Joint Managing Director
Seven Seas Worldwide Ltd.
Hythe Road, Smeeth,
Ashford, Kent TN25 6SP
P: (+44) 0800 21 66 98
F: (+44) 01303 814096

-----Original Message-----
From: Shami Ghosh
Sent: 14 October 2010 23:07
To: John Henderson
Subject: RE: Customer service inefficiencies

Dear Mr Henderson,

Many thanks for your email and call; it is good to know that there is a real person somewhere there in charge of things. I will post a note on that website. May I make two suggestions?

a) It would be helpful if you could state clearly on your website that you will charge by volume of the cartons received with a maximum weight and dimensions per carton, if customers choose to use their own
cartons, and not a flat rate based on your own cartons--and it would be even more helpful if _all_ your staff are informed about this, since I got very different messages, on the phone and over email, from four different people, and I was informed by two people, on the phone and email, that the reduction in price per carton for me was some sort of 'special price', whereas in my initial contact with your company I was told that it was absolutely normal that I would be charged according to actual volume of the cartons; not a special deal for me, in other words. I was left with the impression that I was being given a cheaper rate initially, then charged a higher rate, which was only reduced because I took the effort--which was considerable--to make a fuss, and I couldn't help wondering if this was some sort of strategy to attract customers, hoping that they would not eventually make a fuss as I did. I couldn't help noticing also that the response of your company to everything was extremely prompt and efficient initially, until my cartons had been collected; after this point, when I needed to get the invoice revised, the response was not at all efficient or prompt or helpful. This leaves a bad impression, to the effect that once you have my stuff, you are less likely to be responsive because you know that ultimately you've got hostages. So it would be very good if you could address these issues with your staff.

b) It would also be helpful if you could clarify exactly what 'door-to-door' means. Your delivery man over here was very helpful and assisted me in carrying the boxes up to my first floor flat, but I had
to carry more than half of them, and he said that bringing them up was not part of his job, which he understood as leaving them at the bottom of the stairs. Now, I do recall reading that customers are expected to bring/collect boxes from the ground floor door of their home, but it is entirely unclear as to whether this applies as well when it is a flat. My door is on the first floor, not on the ground floor, because I do not live in a two-story house, but in a flat on the first floor; the ground floor is not a part of my property at all. I realise that insurance issues do play a role here, and I understand that it may not be possible to have your people bring the cartons up in cases such as
this--but if that is so, it should be made absolutely explicit that 'door-to-door' only means to a ground floor, and if customers live in flats that must be reached by stairs, they can expect to haul their stuff up themselves.

I would hope that these issues would not come up again if I were to consider using your services another time.

Thank you once more for your attention.

Best wishes,

Shami Ghosh


We relocated from UK to India and used the services of Sevenseas Worldwide.I shipped my things from UK on July10 and they promised for a delivery on Oct 10 . Till now I have not got my goods and the concerned person in India does not give any proper reply or the tracking status of the items. They keep telling things have arrived in Mumbai port and documents are cleared, waiting for customs clearance. I seriously doubt on the genuineness of Seven Seas and because of Seven Seas I am undergoing great pain and depression. I hope addressing in this forum will bring some solution to my issue.

sujit ravi

We had sent 2 boxes from UK to India on 15th June 2010 using SEVEN SEAS WORLDWIDE..its december and we still have'nt got it. After a lot of follow up from our side we got one of the two boxes with a broken item, last month.The tea chest was delivered to the wrong address somewhere in Pune and they made the least effort to retrieve it from the address and excuse is that the addressee is not cooperating.Since the person is travelling to UK for next 3 months and more, we will just have to wait. so now it seems we'll get it after almost a year of waiting in vain. We are suspecting it to be a deliberate scam,atleast from the service we received in India. very disappointed!!


I cannot begin to explain the hellish experience I have had with Seven Seas Worldwide in trying to air freight my belongings from the UK to South Africa.

This company prides itself on “transparency”, “no surprises” and a “seamless” shipping experience. I am disappointed to say that although I have used this company before, I have experienced none of the above in this instance.

Air freight shipping is indicated to take two weeks and to be door to door. However, after having sent my items and making full payment on April 12th, I received a call on the 15th notifying me that I am required to submit further documentation as well as my passport to a Johannesburg office (which I still haven't been given an address for) upon my arrival in SA. None of this was communicated on their website nor the documents I had received with the cartons prior to collection. In addition, to this day, I was sent a UPS tracking number, which I followed which indicated my items had arrived on April 20th only to be told by the call center agent that they are still in transit and will arrive on April 28th. All of which is to say, again that transparency and the notion “no surprises” of is absent and rather confusion is the and a lack of clarity if the order of the day.

Please understand that I have an appreciation for that fact that they are complying with South African regulations for shipping and so on. It is essentially out of their control. However, communicating these procedures timeously and clearly is within their control - my problem is that I was notified of these procedures at the 11th hour and was not allowed to make an informed decision about whether to make use of their service for the purpose of getting my belongings to SA. In addition, the mystery around the date of arrival of my items speaks to a level of unprofessionalism that should not be present in company of this size.

So to sum, I am still unaware of the exact documents required of me when I return to SA, where their Johannesburg office is (or the UPS one if that is applicable) and when my consignment will arrive at my door. Furthermore, I sent an e-mail to this effect to their complaint channel and have yet to be offered any feedback.

Sorely disappointed and holding thumbs for clarity on what to do and the arrival of my things.

Ramesh G

Highly recommended. Goods delivered on time with no hold up and in pristine condition.

Took the door - door option for 12 boxes from the UK to Malaysia and had no trouble. I was in Malaysia when I arranged for the service and they upheld their promise on free pickup and packing. The packing was fairly decent (TV was packed poorly, but the rest was as close to a professional job).

1 minor problem would be the slight price difference between the first quote and actual invoice. But there were no hidden charges, my guess would be that an error was made when doing the quotation which was rectified in the invoice. BUT I can honestly say the difference of GBP100 was a non issue considering how well organized and helpful SevenSeas were and I feel it was worth it.

Will recommended them with no hesitation.

Candice Rubin

Service was fantastic, polite, and delivered when promised. Goods arrived as they should, and on time.
Would use again, and would certainly recommend to friends.

lili zhang

If you want to receive less than half of your personal belongings, lost all your expensive and all your kid's loving items, please send them with SEVENSEAS. I sent 13 boxes from UK to China, boxes arrived yesterday, declared all goods inside the box followed by the instructions before shipping.when receiving the boxes ALL been opened and clear tapes re-taped again before delivery, some of most expensive personal belongings do not cover by the insurance been stolen, personal owned over 100years old very large porcelain jar been took out of the box but unaware left the cover being delivered yesterday, ALL OF my 4yrs old son's new cloth, new toys and his baby stuffs are missing, spent handreds of pounds bought those items for my son before return back to China and all been picked out of each sealed fully packed boxes, and more than 10 pairs me and my husband's shoes, boots and trainers been stolen too. Very upset and disgusted for the handling of the serivce, thiefs picked each of my parcel for whatever they likes before sent out them for delivery, I paid EXTRA 309yuan (GBP31) for handling charge of door to door delivering service which was not been metioned anywhere before or after the order of shipping which was fully paid invoice of over GBP500, plus I also paid GBP65 goods import tax for some missing items, who gave them the right to stole my belonging because I didn't purchase the insurance for toys and cloth, those theifs left most of my boxes half empty after all of them were fully packed when packing, very shocked and disgusted. Huge lost fanically and more than disappointed.


I like to apologies for some mistakes of my 1st few reviews, I have found part of the missing items from different boxes which were not on my note when I was packing them, all boxes have been cut and open when receiving them, some of the items have been move from original packed boxes, even that there still some toys and small part of the cloth,kids stuffs plus few pair shoes were missing after all boxes were fully unpacked, me and my husband would accepted this could happen and we understand that we did not insure them, so we now have accepted part of the lost.

Renuka Ekbote

my boxes arrived for dallas to india and they were in absolutely terrible condition, torn, opened,and wet. the people who were handeling it were coldly unsympathetic to the personal belongings inside the boxes and arrived on a two wheeler scooter. There were lables of handle with care, fragile notes on the boxes and but the box was placed upside down in front f the scooter and thrown down....i am and arists and the boxes contained my ceramic art works which have gone to pieces...and i am deeply pained and shocked to loose all my grad school art work from last three years.........they aslo charged me a duty of more than three thousand rupees on arrival. i spent like more than seven hundred dollar being a students to make sure that my art works arrive well and safe....i am devastated and i dont know what seven seas worldwide would do now....

D Li

I received my boxes today and I'm very satisfied. I chose door-to-door sea service. The boxes were picked up on 05/11/2011 from Alabama USA and were delivered to my house door at China on 07/15/2011, very efficient service as they promised. All of the boxes are still in great shapes though they look a little bit worn due to the long-distance sea transportation.

I put my order on 04/20 after thoroughly comparing different companies. At first I was not sure if it was a right choice to choose Seven Sea. But after I received their 30-page documents right after I put my order, I knew they are professionals! Their documents are bilingual(language of the orignal and destination countries) with every details that can relieve any of your concerns and reduce your work. You just need to fill them page by page.

I first bought U-haul boxes and packed all my stuffs and wait for the pick up on 04/29. However, on 04/27 a tornado hit Tuscaloosa city and my apartment was unfortunately on the trace of the tornado. My apartment was torn apart by the tornado and all the boxes were buried under the fallen walls. I called Seven Sea to postpone the pickup date before I could save the boxes from the debris. The representative was very warm hearted and helpful. She sent me free boxes and tapes and set up a new pick-up date on 05/11. I repacked all my stuff with the boxes from Seven Sea and the UPS picked up them on 05/11. After that, all I needed to do was to make the payment and to track my boxes online all the way to my home. Here I need to mention that the boxes from Seven Sea rocks! I thought U-haul boxes are supposed to be strong enough, but compared to the Seven Sea boxes, U-haul boxes are so fragile.

Here are some points which can make your boxes to arrive at your destination quickly and safely:

1. Choose door-to-door sea service instead of door-to-port unless you know exactly how your country customs works and how much you will pay when you pick up your boxes from the customs. The door-to-port seems cheaper than door-to-door but don't forget you should go to the port by yourself and you will go through lots of complicated forms before your boxes can be released from the customs. The time and effort are much more than the money you save by choosing door-to-port, not even mention the hidden price you will pay to the customs. Furthermore, if you don't live at the port city, you will have to arrange the domestic shipping from the port to your city. However, the company know how to get your boxes through the customs quickly and they take care of the domestic shipping from the port to your door.

2. Fill out the documents carefully. Make copies for yourself and attach one copy onto the #1 box. Send the documents back to the company in time so that they can set up a customer record for you. Therefore, email is the quickest way to get them back.

3. Use the boxes provided by Seven Sea. Seven Sea boxes are twice thicker than U-haul boxes. The most important is that the Seven Sea boxes are standarded boxes with infomation forms printed on the sides of the boxes. You don't have to print out your information forms and attach them on the boxes. Just grab a permanent marker and fill out the forms on the boxes.

4. Seal the boxes tightly. There are packing instruction printed on each boxes. Just tape as instructed and you'll be fine. Here I suggest that you tape an extra layer over the previous tape to strengthen them. Seal the top and bottom of your boxes to avoid and water to leak in since there will be a long distance of sea traveling.

5. Don't forget to check your email for any updated informations. At each stage of the shipping, the company will send you an updated bill with your balance. Make the payment in time to avoid any delay.

6. Always remember your customer reference number.

Jehan Omar

I used Seven Seas worldwide for to store my stuff in the UK whilst I'm back in my home country and to relocate my stuff to a new house. There are 2 things about the service that I absolutely detest hence never recommending anyone to use them again. I got unlucky because the staff assisting me through the phone was very rude. Not only was she extremely negative, impatient - she made me sound like I was wasting her time by asking all these questions (politely!). I'm a first time user, obviously I have a lot of questions to be sure I knew what I was doing. The bad thing was I didn't catch her name but if the company reads this please refer to my name and email and trace it to your staff that I was first speaking to. She should get fired. However, when I talked to the other staff on the phone they were extremely friendly and patient. But that rude one tutting at my questions totally put me off. I hope she reads this and feels guilty because she is going to lose about 30 customers, whom are all my friends, that need relocation services. Never have I felt so ridiculed in my life! And I was a paying customer! The other thing I disliked was the fact that they delivered my stuff half an hour before the time frame given and then they were being rude to my friend who was on the way to the house. Poor girl had to run, when THEY should have come within the time frame or at least inform her earlier in the morning that they'd be earlier than expected. However this is forgivable because sometimes things don't run its course and maybe they didn't expect to be that much earlier in their delivery.. But theres no excuse for being rude! Because of these 2 horrible experiences, I am never again going to use this service. And I hope Seven Seas fires that rude staff!


I recently used them and despite my anxiety, all my goods arrived safely and intact. The customer service agent said I should not lock my bags. Will probably not used them again, and rather plan ahead with regards to excess baggage. At the end, the cost of shipping my goods was more than the content of the bags.

I will however recommend them but I usually warn people about the cost of shipping excess baggage. There were too many costs and I wished that Seven Seas were transparent with these upfront.

The only costs I was aware of at the beggining was the actual quoted cost and the insurance.

1. They added delivery charges at my destination which they later refunded as they incorrectly calculated the distance from the shipping point to the delivery address.

It would have been nice for them to state that delivery charges are applicable if the goods are delivered over a certain radius, then people can plan accordingly. In my case, I had my bag shipped to my friend who works close to the harbour.

2. When I paid and the goods left, I thought it was thefinal payment. I was susprised to receive an invoice for $100 for customs inspection fee. They also gave me 7 days to pay otherwise I was going to incur penalties. I received this invoice in a middle of a holiday and I didnt have any internet access.

Besides the costs, the customer service was good. All my concerns and complaints (my refund for delivery charges) were handled quickly and professionally.

Stave Shippie

Sent boxes to wrong person, then refused to pick it up, because it contained broken glass THAT THEY BROKE! destroyed 2 of 3 boxes. broke 80 CD's of 110! One box was dropped in mud, ruining my books! Absolutely, ridiculous, three stooges operation. the worst baggage service I've had in 5 years of travel. DO NOT USE SEVEN SEAS.


I am planning to send some boxes from SG to US. Was very happy with the rate I was quoted on line. When I called the hotline to get more clarification, the support staff was not too helpful but that was tolerable (she may be having a bad day).

This morning, I called again to place a delivery. That was when I had a rude surprise. The call started well enough until the staff told me that I will be given a 2 hour window period for delivery. When I asked further then only I realised, I am NOT given 2 hours to get home and wait for the deliveryman. I actually have to give the delivery staff a 2 hours window period, ie the delivery man will come anytime within the 2 hour they sms-ed me. This is notwithstanding that collection is only done on weekday. So I have to take 2 hours (at least) off from work and stay at home and wait for the guy to come. Ok, this is very inconvenient but I can accept that. When I pointed the inconvenience this is to working people like me (can't you give me a specific time or a shorter window period or do weekend collection?), the call staff very haughtily informed me that some companies do not even provide a window period! And at that point I was asked if I still want to continue with SevenSeas? I am amazed. Don't you want to measure yourself against a better performing peer rather than someone worse off than you? Does SevenSeas being better than some Tom Dick & Harry Co good enough? Don't you want to be better than say, Fedex or DHL? I was really irritated at that point but I carried on.

Then he asked for my address and when he found out that I stay in an apartment, he informed me that I have to CARRY my boxes to the ground floor as the delivery man only collects from ground floor. This is after I told him my box will be 30KG. How on earth do you expect your customer who most probably do not own any trolley to carry 30kg boxes from their door to the lift then main door to wait for the delivery man?! Do you really expect everyone of your customer to own a trolley? If your staff has requested for additional fees due to the inconvenience of collecting from above ground units, I think that is acceptable. But I was not even given that option. I was told, you bring the boxes down yourself. The move is stressful as it is and now I have to go look for a trolley.

I was referred to your company by a friend. But after the calls I am truly amazed by the level of service and "help" that has been shown to me. I am looking for an alternative company to assist me now.

Thank you very much for the assistance that SevenSeas has shown me so far.


Unacceptable delayed without any reason, poor customer service, irresponsible for their own errors.
This is what I would say if somebody ask me about what it is like, shipping with sevenseas.
I has managed to shipped with them in the beginning of July, and today (30 Sep) they informed me that even right now my stuff is still in the UK!!! (after has been avoiding to answer for a few times)
I have sent so many emails asked for the reason that cause an extremely delay, they replied me but never answer my questions.
In the end I managed to call them to ask when will my stuffs is going to be shipped as the shipping date has been postponed 3-4 times, they said that my stuffs will be shipped next week. Then, I asked for the reason, but they said they cannot give me any reason and even seems to be angry to me!!!!
This is a sort of customer service I should get after waiting for my stuff for 3 months and still have to wait 2 months more!!!!!
what a company, they are horrible, even the manager keeps avoiding to reply my email.


I used 7seas with caution! shipped 3 boxes from uk to Malaysia, and was informed that 1 box was still in the UK warehouse when the 2 boxes arrived in the destination loc, was given a refund of the shipping costs and still waiting for my 3rd box to arrive.


I'm really upset with the service from seven seas worldwide and I will never use their service ever again!!
I shipped out my stuff in the beginning of Aug 2011, and up to this point I still have receive ANY of my boxes! I check on their website again and again for the arrival date, and they postponed the dates again and again too!
I tried to call the customer service, and the guy just keep telling me that's what it says on the computer and they don't know why the date changes and need to get back to me. The guy wasn't helping at all! Why would I need to call and track if all they can provide is what I can see online? They don't even have the record of me calling in before...I mean, isn't a good service supposed to have a record of everything so even different person pick up the call can still follow up the problems?
All the stuff I need for my job are in those boxes and I thought they would arrived on time...Now I have to buy new tools and shoes just because this company got BAD service. I am really upset, and I will never ever recommend this to anyone I know.


Absolutely horrendous. Still waiting for a reply to the four unanswered emails regards invoice dispute and have just been sent a text with a different quote amount and due date listed - inexplicably of course, as no one has answered further emails querying this new development.


That was the worst customer service i have ever experienced so far in my entire life .Sending parcels from Ireland to Canada. There seems to be a big communication problem within the company. They changed their schedule without advising me. Very bad communication.

Had arranged for my boxes to be delivered, they advised that driver will come to pick up between 7:00 and 5:00 p.m. They don't call or text to advise what time they come. Explained them i live in appartment in the city centre and bell in my complex is out of service.

They informed me they cannot guarantee the driver or someone else will contact me what time the driver will be here to collect the boxes. Also if i miss the driver i will have to arrange another pick up date and pay extra charges. In my opinion they were expecting me to wait in the Irish January weather ( rain and cold) from 7 a:m until 5 p:m with my 2 big boxes on the street.

I am trying to think how hard it is for them to give their customers a call or send a text to advise of the pick up time. From a customer service point of view it don't really make sense to have a service like that in 2012 when everybody has a mobile phone as a means of communication.

It seems that the company has lots of bad communication within its organisation. The Service is extremely bad or even worst. I believe it's a very amateur type of service. My advise to you is DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY AND TIME WITH THEM.

The company's moto is to make your relocation more comfortable and less stressful. But my experience with them so far has been more uncomfortable and very stressful. My pure advise: If you are expecting a good service go elsewhere....
I will never recommend anyone to use this company.


The only organized person in Seven Seas is the driver who delivered my boxes to my home in Perth. The call center staff are shocking 9/10 times. I received a "please call me" for my paperwork. I was told that I had pages missing - when I checked they were all their but SEVEN SEAS STAFF did not check properly. I was told my boxes would arrive after 17 working day - when this was not the case, I was told that this did not include customs - which they failed to mention. I received an email advising me to pay customs taxes, the grammar was poor and the email was far too personal. When I contacted the sender to find out about the custom taxes I was advised that the Melbourne office only works business hours and yet in Perth it was still business hours. I was told my items would be in Perth and when I phoned to ask where they were a week later I was told they were only arriving in Perth...what a confused bunch of liars. A terrible company. Your only saving grace is a driver who does his job properly and is an efficient worker!


I shipped my belongings from South Africa to the USA. They promised a 90 day money back guarantee, however my stuff arrived weeks after that, more like 110 days.
So I fully expected to get my refund as I'd had to purchase many things that I was expecting would arrive on time.

However, they totally denied the refund claiming that the delay was beyond their control.. what garbage! They apparently don't need to provide any proof of this - the lady Jane Elwell just sent me an email saying "NO".

So despite all their marketing hype about being honest and upfront they really will just screw you without even thinking twice.


I shipped my belonging from Singapore to UK. They promised 70 days but finally they managed to get my belonging within less than 100 days (its amazing....), even by asking them about the timelines they say all possible reasons..., and a new definition of DOOR to DOOR services they introduced... from Source location (from you flat) to the ground floor at the destination..... even their response is amazingly pathetic.... and they don't want to listed your problem at all....
Whoever is planning to take risk can go with SEVENSEASWORLDWIDE at their own risk... as they are not responsible for anything.. Rest is up to you....

Mike F

I ordered seven seas to deliver 3 small boxes to Australia from scotland in August 2012. They promised 90 days door to door. Nope, now Jan 2013, 120 days later and i am still waiting.

Their contact is beyond abismal! I have been the one who has had to email or phone them to get any kind of update. The latest excuse, their accounts department was closed at Christmas! I've already paid you twit!

Stay well clear if you are only shipping small boxes, gifts etc! Parcel monkey will do the same job in 6 days albeit a little more expensive but worth it so you dont have to deal with the morons at Seven Seas.

Joey wong

The CS service is terrible. I called and email many times but they didn't offer help but only blamed that it is my fault that I cannot call to reschedule my collection on time but their lines are always busy. They charged me penalty but cs emaile me the penalty
is £10 however over the phone said £15. I emailed to complain but no one reply me. I don't know how much I should pay and it is not fair that I don't have enough time to call back to reschedule. Finally I only late for 2 hours but charged me £15.

Jia Kuah

I am very dissapointed with their terrible customer service during pick up and redelivery. Both drivers were late.The delivery man was most unhelpful during redelivery. In addition to being late, he was unpolite when I asked for his help to carry the boxes to my flat on the third floor. He claimed that he had a back injury previously and would not 'risk it this time'. He also said that it was company policy which the boxes are to be left at ground floor but the letter he showed me wrote 'front door of the building', not the staircase which he demanded. I again asked if we can together carry the boxes upstairs or he can recommend me some people to help move the boxes. Just for your reference, I am a girl of 152cm and 50kg. He rejected all my proposals including lending me a trolley to move the boxes along the corridors. I was very upset with the so-called

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