Searail is a Canadian-owned company with 18 years of experience and expertise in handling cars, trucks and other vehicles. help
Low cost international shipping and moving services!


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Low cost international shipping and moving services!
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Phone:       (905) 660-0412
Fax:            (905) 660-6651
Address:551 Creditstone Road, South Gate
Concord , Ontario
L4K 1L8
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Cross Canada Service
We transport cars and trucks of all sizes from the Atlantic to the Pacific in both directions.

Pick up and Delivery Service
We will pick up your vehicle from wherever you tell us, be it home, place of work, or any other location. Then we ship it via Canadian National Railway and deliver to your precise chosen location.

CN Rail
Searail works with CN. We use only professional loading crews and the most modern technology. Enclosed rail cars, with sophisticated tie-down systems to secure the ride, protect your vehicle from vandalism, the elements and accidental damage.

US and International Service
CN offers access not only to all parts of Canada but also throughout the U.S. through connections with U.S. railroads.

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Customer's Reviews:


I just recieved my corvette after shipping it with searail, my car was severly damaged in the rear end, I now have over $11,000.00 in damage and they are only offering to pay just over $5000 to repair it. I will never use this company again. It took over two months to ship my vehicle from New Brunswick to Edmonton and its going to take an "act of God" to resolve it.

Comments: Mr. Pasuta's vehicle was damaged during shipping, an incident that we took full responsibility for and advised him of immediately. Due to the nature of the damage Mr. Pasuta's claim was referred to an independent appraiser for their evaluation of the damage that had occurred. In their investigation they had determined that there was approximately $5,600 in pre-existing damage that was not related to the transportation of Mr. Pasuta's vehicle. We offered Mr. Pasuta a settlement based on an independent appraiser's evaluation of the damage that occurred during transport which was accepted by Mr. Pasuta. Indeed the shipment of Mr. Pasuta's vehicle did take a long time to move, however this was due to the vehicle in question being considered a "non-runner". A non-runner is a vehicle with mechanical, brake or emergency brake issues that cannot be shipped until the situation is resolved. This situation had occurred prior to the damage to his vehicle taking place. The "non-runner" issue took approximately 7 weeks for Mr. Pasuta to resolve with us.


I just shipped my vehicle and while there was some damage, I found the Claims Department to be especially helpful. They were quick to respond to my phone call and direct me in the process. My claim was settled very quickly and they were very reasonable. I would definitely use their service. There service was superior to any I have ever received.

Michael and Alicia Morton

I experienced delays in receiving my vehicle. I contacted Manoj. He was very helpful and arranged a rental for me the next day. I was able to keep the rental until my car was delivered damage free by the way. I'm not sure what the others are talking about, I had awesome service and am really grateful they gave me a rental.

Steven Lewitson

Awesome service!! These guys moved my Lexus from Texas to Montreal in 7 days...Special thanks to Bruno, his industry knowledge really made this move easy for me.

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