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With auto transport experience since 1997, Pride Auto Transport will ship your vehicle to and from. help
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Pride Auto Transport

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United States
Pride Auto Transport
Phone:       877.296.6878
Address:1070 East Sunburst Ln.
Tempe , Arizona
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Our range of services includes:
- open truck / door to door
Your vehicle is transported on an open car carrier (similar to the ones used to deliver new cars from the manufacturer to the dealers). Your vehicle will be picked up at your door 'direct by a multiple car carrier'.
- terminal services
Pride Auto Transport Inc. offers a network of over 36 fully insured terminals nationwide. In the event that you are unable to have someone present for either pickup or delivery, the vehicle can be inspected and held at a secure insured facility for your convenience.
- open truck-expedited service
Pride Auto Transport Inc. expedites every truck transport. Unlike some competitors there are no additional charges to get the vehicle there on time.
- enclosed truck
Your vehicle will be transported on a completely enclosed trailer designed to transport classic automobiles, prototypes or vehicles that cannot be exposed to inclement weather.
- expedited driveaway service
Your vehicle is driven from point of pickup to destination by a professional driver. Your vehicle is delivered within your specified time frame and your vehicle can be picked up from any pickup address and delivered to any specific destination.
- overseas shipping
Assistance is provided to our customers who need to transport their vehicle(s) anywhere in the world. Pride Auto Transport Inc. has special arrangements for Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

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Customer's Reviews:


Exotic Carriers was assigned to transport 2 of our vehicles through Pride Auto Transport. Pick up of the vehicles was fine but delivery of our vehicles was not acceptable. The driver unloaded our cars in the middle of a very busy 6-lane street instead of turning the corner and unloading on our residential street. Because there was so much traffic and we were afraid of getting hit or of receiving a ticket, we drove the cars away before inspecting them. When we did inspect them, we had a very sizable dent in the back right passenger side above the doorframe area, which had absolutely not been there prior to Exotic Carriers picking up our vehicles. The original inspection report that we signed off on upon pick up showed a very small dent on the roof above the FRONT passenger side door area but not the BACK which is where this large dent is located. We immediately contacted Jose who asked me to send photos and said he would contact me within 10 days. We sent several photos documenting the dent and then did not hear back from anyone after 12 days. We began calling every day and were told that Jose was not in. After 4 days, we were told that Jose would be speaking to Martha to determine what they were going to do about the car and that he would be calling us on Friday morning. On Friday afternoon, we received a call from Martha who said that they were not going to do anything about the car and that there was no proof that her driver was responsible for the damage. In addition to their callous and dishonest way of dealing with people, these people are extremely rude and are not a company to be associated with.

After waiting over a month for Pride Auto to contact me, I finally spoke with the incredibly rude and incompetent Chris who repeatedly laughed at me and told me that his company was not going to do anything about this claim.

Justin Lee

I had my Lincoln transported from Fl. to Az. by Pride Auto transport. The service was great, the driver was on time and I was happy. Will do it with them again when we ship it back

Tom Erickson

I just used Pride Auto Transport to have my Chevy Tahoe Transported from Newark NJ to Seattle WA. My only complaint was that it got there in 7 day instead of 10. The driver did call and tell me that he was running a head of schedule so I should have been ready for him. In the end it did save me 3 days of rental car and the service was excellent. I would DEFINITELY recomend using Pride Auto Transport. I know I will when I ship my other car.

Thomas Flanders

I shipped my Chevrolet,Corvette, with pride Auto Transport.Jimmy was our salesperson. I asked him if they was anything I needed to do to make sure the vehicle was protected. He told me to make sure that I completed the inspection report at both pickup and delivery. It turned out the driver also made sure I completed the form. it was actually very simple and straight forward. If you make specific notes at the time of delivery there is no question(or chance of a scam) later as to what condition the vehicle was in at either pickup or destination. I will definitely be using them again. I am also happy that they keep these records.Companies that pay consumer fraud ultimately pass the cost along to its customers, happy to see it did not work.


GREAT SHIPPING COMPANY! Pride said they would pick up my car within 7-10 days (which they did on the 6th day) and allow 5 days for delivery. Talk about expedited services and no down time. Always had someone to talk too if any concerns. Can not complain, and totally recommend!


AWFUL! I made arrangements with Pride Auto Transport to move my vehicle form FL to the Northeast. I was told a driver would contact me with 12-24 hours notice. The driver finally called me (after several email assurances from Pride) as I was driving to the airport to go home. He was two hours away. Now I have to return to FL just to get my vehicle home and incur substantial additional expense. The response from the company? "Just let us know when you are ready to move the car and we'll assign another driver".

Mark Gabowski

We just transported our vehicle with Pride Auto Transport Inc. from our home in AZ to our son in Cleveland,OH, Excellent service, happened just as Matt said it would , pickup in 4 days, 8 day transport time.

Leslie and Maria

We've used Pride transport two times so far, and will use them again. We shipped a vehicle from FL to CA and another from CA back to FL (sounds nuts, I know). Both times the Vehicles arrived on time with no trouble - except for one weird thing: the vehicle delivered in CA didn't arrive on the transport but someone actually drove our car from LA to us in San Diego. I thought it was weird, but the car was fine so I didn't worry about it.

Celeste Johnston

We just received our car, as promised, no issues, no drama. Things went exactly as we were told.The communications were very complete and were confirmed by email.They certainly made the process easy.

Terra Mere

Fantastic, just received the car, as promised, when promised. This is the third time shipping with them. Heather has been fun to work with, told her I will see her again next year.


Choosing an auto transport company can be exhausting. After much research throughout the internet, I decided to use Pride Auto Transport. I contacted the company to find out what services they offered. Heather was very courteous and honest with me about the process for shipping my car. I had found that many companies were telling me what I wanted to hear in order to get my money. After a few days, I called and placed my order and was extremely happy when I found out that my car would be picked up in the timeframes that were originally discussed.
After I had placed my order with heather, I was again looking around the internet for other transport services. At that time, I came across a review of pride on this site and was a little weary of the review written. I specifically asked about this and was told that Monica was unable to provide the proof that her car was damanged on a Bill of Lading. Monica had waited over a month to contact the company with her complaint. In the end I am 100% satisfied with the service and promptness

Brian Thomppson

excellent service. reading the comment from Monica makes me wonder who looks both ways for her before she crosses the street.Heather was real specific when she told me that I needed to do a "walk around " before signing the inspection form. I told her I would have thought of that on my own and she pointed out Monica's experience and explained to me that obviously not every one has.

Harold Norms

Called a LOT of companies to get quotes on moving my car.
These guys sent me a quote/contract by email,no pressure, told me to call if I had any questions.
After reading through the information there were no unanswered questions, however I really just also wanted to "talk to some one " before giving up my car/order.
Talked to Chris, he was very reassuring, thanked ME for calling and again "no pressure"
I ended out placing the order online later that day.
The car was picked up as promised, I was notified as promised.
Would definitely descibe the experience " as promised"


After a very bad experience with another broker we were extremely cautious.

It was nice to find that our choice of Pride Auto was the correct one. These folks are ambassador's of customer service.

From start to finish our BMW shipped from Florida to Washington State went perfectly.

These folks are the true professionals in this industry.

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