Established in Canada in 1988, Meest has become one of the the largest Ukrainian companies through which the Slavic community (Ukrainians, Moldovans, Belarussians, Russians and others) living abroad sends consumer goods and money transfers. help
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Meest Corporation Inc.

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Low cost international shipping and moving services!
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Meest Corporation Inc.
Phone:       1-800-361-7345
Fax:            416-236-2110
Address:97 Six Point Rd
Toronto , Ontario
M8Z 2X3
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Our services include:
Parcel delivery:
- We deliver parcels directly to the recipients in all regions of Ukraine, Moldova, Byelorussia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan.
- In some cities and regions of Russia our couriers deliver parcels directly into the hands of the recipients. In other regions of Russia recipients pick parcels up from the nearest postal office.
- Guaranteed reliable delivery by air takes from 1 to 4 weeks, and by see from 1 to 8 weeks.
- Containers are dispatched daily.
- We pick up parcels directly from your home.
Money delivery directly to recipient
- We deliver cash directly to the recipients in all regions of Ukraine, Moldova, Byelorussia, Uzbekistan and some regions of Russia.
- Once the money is delivered, the recipient must show his passport and sign a receipt for the delivery. The original copy of the receipt will be mailed to your address.
- We transfer money in all regions of Russia to the closest post office of the recipient. Delivery term - 2 weeks.
- Money transfer to hundreds of Ukrainian banks
Courier delivery of documents, letters and valuable packages
- We guarantee reliable delivery in all regions of Ukraine, Byelorussia and Moldova. We guarantee lower prices on the market for courier service. Regular delivery term 1 - 2 weeks. Express delivery term 1 - 3 days.
Delivery of fresh flowers and gifts
- Our couriers deliver gifts and flowers on the day and time of your choice for weddings, birthdays and other celebrations.
- We express deliver funeral wreaths.
Food packages and food products delivery
- Large variety of high quality food products by catalogue.
- We deliver directly to the recipients in all regions of Ukraine, Moldova, Byelorussia and Russia.
- You can order standard food packages or select separate food products from our catologue.
- Delivery fee will be the same if you order more than one package to the same address.
- Delivery term - from 8 to 28 days depending on the region
Delivery of cars, tractors, appliances, farm equipment, computers and electronics
- Reasonable prices.
- Guaranteed delivery directly to the recipient within 10 days.
- Large selection of products available from our catalogue.

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Customer's Reviews:

Jane Shpolska

I had excellent experience shipping from Canada to Ukraine and the most awful experience shipping from Ukraine to Canada. The company wanted to charge me $17 for a small parcel, which was a gift worth about $20. I spoke with Irina who was very hostile, unhelpful and rude. At the end of the conversation Irina told me that MEEST will not provide any more services to me, which I find completely unacceptable.

Lesya Osipova

I had terrible experience shipping from U.S. to Ukraine. I have ordered a gift to my parents and paid a hefty price ($110 for 5 pounds of fruit), however, when the "fruit gift basket" arrived, the fruit was in ripped supermarket bags shoved into cardboard box. The so-called manager, Galina Mamchur, was rude, incompetent and in the end just ignored my phone calls. Professional business practice.

Alina Akchurina

If you donít want your package and money to be a waist DON'T use Meest services.
Meest is the worst company by far I dealt with in my life.
I sent three packages by air from NYC to Moscow on December 24th 2009.
For the past two month I have been trying to chase my shipment. Not only this company takes my time by chasing something I paid for $426.93 and that had to be delivered six weeks ago, but also puts my sister who just delivered in to position of shopping for those goods she did not receive from me on time.
I can endlessly complain how rude and incompetent was the personal to me starting from Nadia at 18002889949 Valentina at 18003617345 ending with Galina Mamchur at 18003617345 ...
This is absolutely unacceptable, today is February 23rd 2010 and I'm still waiting for CLOSURE AND ACTION ON MY SHIPMENT


Sent Christmas package in November. Still not in Russia almost 6 months now. Have heard one excuse after another from Meest. Was told over 5000 packages not shipped to Russia from Toronto branch stuck in Ukraine because of boarder restrictions. Thats over $1,150000.- dollars in shipping paid to Meest Toronto and not delivered.I think they new about restrictions and took the money because they are not liable according to there contract terms. This was an easy cash grab as far as I can see.I think a class action law suit is in order for fraud.

Marina Tomashevska

This is the worst company I ever had to deal with. After 10 months of waiting my package wasnít delivered yet. All requests to refund the shipping cost and pay out the insurance were simple ignored. Donít use this company until you are ready to throw money away and take a slim chance that your package will be (eventually) delivered. I am preparing papers now to request a criminal investigation upon Meest.


I sent a 55 lb packege to Russia. When it arrived to Russia,it was only 10 lb.So that means 45 lb. MISSING. Meest charged me $2.99 per lbs.Which in my opinion,this is a waste of money.I WAS ALSO PROMISED thet my packege would be there in 3 monthe,but they received ONLY 10 LB. of the 55 lb. packege in 10 months. I MADE NUMEROUS calls to customer service in Toronto,Canada;to complain about this problem,but they lied continually to me about status my package.


I shipped with MEEST from US to Ukraine a number of times. People in the office are always friendly, and my boxes were delivered in 4 weeks to Kyiv. I have never had a problem


I was very surprised when I saw the reviews. I used the service about 10 times. In only one case the package came to my parents in Ukraine without being ripped. However, I would say that their services are good enough to use them again. Always I was shipping by air and the packages were delivered less than in two weeks. The only exception, if you sent two weeks before the New Year, in my case it took four weeks. Two weeks ago I sent a brand new laptop. After 200$ off I paid for it 450$ (with the tax). Of course I wanted to send with insurance and prepay tax, so my parents don't bother with it. UPS and FeDex told me that all together it would run me 450-480$!!!!!! From New York!!!The USPS was 80$ without tax, you have to pay it in Ukraine and it is 20% duty fee plus around 20% other fees and they would charge of course on the price of 650$, they don't care that the laptop was on sale. So how much my parents would've end up paying?! 260$!!!! don`t forget shipping 80$ and insurance 30$. All together 370$.
So let's get to the point. Meest charged me 10% from the receipt price, 5% insurance, don't remember how much the shipping was, but all together I paid 125$, not bad at all. The package arrived in 1.5 weeks, of course ripped, but with everything inside.
The only thing, DO NOT USE THE BRIGHTON office, go to Elizabeth,NJ, that is their main office. They are very friendly and professional. On Brighton I was told that they have flat fee 150$ for any laptop, which was not true. Always call 1800 number.


I'm really surprised to see first reviews .. Most all of em from Russia , i guess its a problem with their stupid customs, not Meest . As for my experience with this company - I`m a middle man for my friends to buy stuff in US, using Meest as my ship forwarder for 2+ yrs and usually receive 1-3 boxes every week. Almost flawless ! I'm using IL office and NJ office, stuff always friendly , Zoryana , Alla , Galyna and Pavlo are very nice people to work with. I recommend this company as very reliable partner to deliver goods from US and CAN to Ukraine.

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