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Magic Carpet Auto Transport
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We work closely with customers to find them the best carriers for their auto transport needs.

As a broker, we have access to hundreds of auto transport carriers and companies.
This gives us the ability to pick and choose from only the best.
We only work with auto transport carriers who are fully insured, reputable and trustworthy.

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Hmmm, where to begin? After I filled out the application for the shipping of my car the very first phonecall I got was from Sarah. She seemed very charming and polite. Kind of like the character Phoebe from Friends. And yes, Phoebe happens to be my favorite character.However I would not want her dealing with the shipping of my car from LA to NY. Well, I decided to go against my instincts and use Magic Carpet. I actually thought I made the right decision. The pick-up date was May 2nd so I stupidly flew to LA thinking that my car was going to be picked up on May 2nd. I arrived to LA on the 1st and I stayed with my friend who was kind enough to let my car stay in her driveway until I knew for sure that I needed it shipped. I called Sarah on the 1st just to confirm yet again that my car was for sure being picked up the next day. She sounded like she had no idea who I was. Just to backtrack a little bit, I was talking to Sarah about everyday for a week because she kept on calling me back for information that I had given to her about 9,000 times. Such as the pick-up and drop-off location and "hey I forgot to ask you was that a visa or mastercard." No Sarah you asked you just forgot what I said, AGAIN! To get back on the topic, Sarah could not believe that I flew across the country to deal with this. Once I was in LA I was informed that the 2nd was an estimated date and that she could get my car shipped in a week for the same price that I was quoted on. A week??? Are you kidding me??!! Now for the first time I let loose and I let Sarah know how unhappy I was. She said that she would do her best and call around so I anxiously waited by the phone for a while. She called back saying that she got a truck for the 2nd, the price had gone up about $400 but at this point I didn't even care so I agreed to pay it. The 2nd rolls around and I called Sarah at 9am just to see if she had an ETA so I didn't have to sit around all day waiting. She doesn't call back. I call again, somebody tells me that they can't get through to the truck. I called a total of 7 times and no one knew anything and Sarah was always busy and couldn't come to the phone. At this point now it seemed easier to get a hold of Britney Spears than Sarah.AT 3:00pm I decided to take my business else where and spoke to a much more professional sounding company. I called magic carpet and told them that I had taken my business else where and they said oh no don't do that we can still get your car from San Jose. BUT MY CAR IS NOT IN SAN JOSE IT'S IN LA!!!I felt like Annie Sullivan from The Miracle Worker trying unsuccessfully to talk to Helen Keller. Later on the trucking company called and explained to me that magic carpet faxed them my information but sent it to their old number so they never got it. I then told them that was one of the many things magic carpet did wrong and that I had taken my business somewhere else and that they should do the same. If anybody ever reads this review just know that I have never cared enough to write a review for a company. But magic carpet deserves this. I have read all the other fantastic reviews and am questioning their legitimacy because they were beyond horrible with me. It does feel therapeutic writing this review because I am so angry at magic carpet but I am writing this review for the sake of other people that are in the process of getting their car shipped. There are so many other companies that ship cars and magic carpet's quote may be the cheapest (that's why I chose them) but you get what you pay for. If you are reading this you are probably moving and are stressed out enough as it is. Magic carpet will just add to your stress and nobody needs that. Good luck!!


Horrible service!!!! Do not use them under any conditions. We used them because they were about $100 cheaper on their intial bid--that was probably the first sign. So after talking to Malia and submitting our order we heard back a week later that a truck had been dispatched. We were understanding of it taking a little bit of time because we were having snowstorms in the East.

So we were told the truck would be there on Wednesday and that we were also going to have to pay the truck $55 more. I was understanding of this and went along with it because they were so much cheaper than anyone else. But still, I don't feel good about that kind of bait and switch. Especially because when I called Malia told me that the quote was the final quote and that they would lower their broker price if needs be--ya right!!!

And so Wednesday arrived and I was waiting to hear from the dispatch what my 4-6 hr time window was. I called at about noon to see if we were still on and was told they would call. Malia called back and said she'd called the truck and that she'd called the truck driver and he was still planning on coming and then she lost him. So I was glad she had called back and was still okay at this point.

And then it was getting close to 5pm and still no word from anyone. I called and spoke to Stephanie and she called the driver and found out he was still a state away and wouldn't be there until tomorrow. I was very frustrated! I had never gotten any kind of phone call about this and now was going to have to spend a whole other day waiting. Stephanie was very kind and understanding and I appreciated that. She said the trucker or his dispatch would call me back in 10-15 min. An hour went by and still no word. I called magic Carpet and they called the trucker again and got no response. I then cancelled him as our trucker and they said they would dispatch another truck.

Malia called to apologize. At this point I was just grateful to not be sending our car with an unreliable trucker. Malia was nice at this point but did have this attitude of "I'm so glad you cancelled....it's scary....the trucker called and was so rude". I agreed and was thankful they'd dispatched a different truck for Friday (two more days now). I felt like I was very accommodating and didn't ask anything more of them for their lack of communication. I was beginning to be dismayed by the whole "it's out of our hands" mentality. I get that they can't control the truckers---but what I'm looking for was someone to just COMMUNICATE and let me know what's going on---and not at 6pm the day of!!!!

So today is Friday and I patiently waited. Malia kept saying that I didn't have to "wait" around for the truck----but how does one go run errands far away from home all day when you could get a call that they're coming soon? So at about 3pm I called to see what was up. Malia said she'd call the truck and see. A half hour passed and no word, so I called her back. She asked if the trucker had called ----shocker...he hadn't! She said he wouldn't be there until tomorrow. At this point you can imagine my frustration!!!! Another day lost. Another day of waiting! Another day with my husband not having his car on the other end and the expense of that!!!! So I expressed my frustration and all I got was this "we have other customers" "it's the trucker's fault"...kind of talk. I don't care about the truckers! I just want some customer service!!!! I don't care that they didn't come on Wednesday as much as I care that I never heard a word about them not coming. I had to be the one to call!!! Magic Carpet clearly needs to ratify their business model.

My husband called to see how they would make this right--would they drop back to their original price. He spoke to the manager, Kathy, and she agreed with all of his frustrations. Okay....aren't you supposed to make that right and figure out a solution. I hated the whole "it's not my problem" mentality. It is!!! That's why we hired you. You need to figure out a way to communicate with your customers. Malia called back and talked to my husband about how he doesn't understand their business model and how they make no money on this...blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

I am a sincerely understanding and tolerant person. I would've been fine had we been given any type of heads-up about the delay. My error was in expecting that after such bad service on Wednesday that I might be some kind of a priority today in making sure we were okay. How wrong I was. I was told "we have other customers, marisa". Who does that? What kind of business is this????? What a joke. Needless to say, we are not going with them and you shouldn't either!!!!!

Malia got into a yelling match with my husband (a major mistake in business to let yourself go). My husband is a very mild, unprovokable person--until today. She was very patronizing and very rude. Please, please, please save yourself a lot of frustration and time and tears and use someone else! I had read reviews about people getting jerked around with auto transporters and went to this feeling like we had done our research and that they had good reviews. I was fully expecting it to go well and be a positive experience. I am severely disappointed that it ended so incredibly awful! With malia screaming at my husband and then hanging up on him. How unprofessional is that!

Don't use them!!!!!!!


I tried working with this company for weeks to get a car moved, but it was stall stall stall and then they tried pumping me for more money and tried to hold me hostage based on my desired estimate on time when I needed to get the vehicle moved. I felt fleeced and they took advantage of my trust. Nicole is terribly unprofessional.

Yadong Yu

1. Long holding
On August 16th 2009, I contacted Magic Carpet for our car shipping from DC to CA. Agent Crystal made the quote $876 after $50 rebate. It's quite appealing and considering this company is the No.1 rated, we ignored even lower priced quotes from other companies and placed the order on August 17th.

It's a stressful process for us because we were moving from DC to California on September 8th. We had been nervously tracking the progress. I was told it takes 1-7 days to assign a truck for our car, but after 10 days we still had not heard from them. I called Crystal or other agents on 10th day, 11th day, and 14th day asking about the progress but got no result. On 15th day, Sep. 1st, right after I was about to give up my faith on Magic Carpet and made a few quotes from other company Crystal sent us an email telling the truck was assigned without noting any price change.

On 17th day, Sep.3rd, 2 days before the long weekend when we scheduled to have our car picked up, I found out the price increased significantly, losing most of the time to find optional plan, I was forced to take this last approach. Crystal misled me that there's only $40 difference and they will send me $50 rebate after car delivery as a compensation.

2. Price increase
Original quote: $876 after $50 rebate
Final price: $746 for car shipping company, and $270 brokerage fee for Magic Carpet.
Difference: $140

3. Unfair rebate requirements
It turns out they will send me $50 rebate only if I post 5-star review. I emailed Crystal that I can not post such review in exchange of $50. Instead I asked for $90 refund. She passed over some information which insisted I have to post 5-star review to get some compensation. Later I talked to her supervisor Kathy who refused my request, tried to educate me how the business runs without consenting to any of my complaints.


Poster: Mohan
Date: 10/6/2010 3:36:00 PM
Reviewed: Magic Carpet Auto Transport
Subject: Transportation of SUV from Florida to Connecticut
Review: The service was excellent!

Car was picked up on time and delivered sooner than I expected. I will use this service again if needed. The driver was very courteous and called before pick up and delivery.

The broker Trevon Bond provided a great service for Magic Carpet Auto Transport 503-855-3666

Thank you

Anthony Alexander

I am currently stationed overseas and had the privilege of using this service. I must say that Cathy was very professional in assisting with the beginning process. However, my request was to have the car picked up on a certain date and the car was picked up and shipped prior to that date with little to no notice for both the pickup and droppoff point personnel. On my bank statements it showed that Magic Carpet had taken there money out however that was not the case. Cathy made contact with me to work out a deal and I notified my wife. Another representative Michelle made contact with my wife the next day making threats about how they needed the money right then and there even though it was explained to her the deal made with Cathy. Michelle was very rude and luckily with my wife being the professional she is, just asked me to handle the matter. I would not recommend this service again knowing that even one bad apple like Michelle can spoil a show. I would think that these calls are monitored to discourage customer reps to act as if it's there money being spent, but it's evident that's not the case. The price quoted to me was 475.00 total with a 30-50 rebate in which I wind up paying the entire 475.00... what a rip off for a few pennies....

gary worley

driver knocked out rear window while unloading. Landstar (Insuror) would not address the claim for several weeks then denied the claim, claiming the truck was damaged by road debris. They have several sister companies insured by Landstar, so beware. Take my loss as your warning.

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