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Korea Marine Transport Co., Ltd. is the total logistic company that is effective with high value-added. help
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Korea Marine Transport Co., Ltd.

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Low cost international shipping and moving services!
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Korea South
Korea Marine Transport Co., Ltd.
Contact:    H.S. Lee
Phone:       82-2-311-6114
Fax:            82-2-754-8858
Address:Hanjin bldg., 15th floor # 118, 2-KA, Namdaemun-Ro
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Liner service
KMTC sets its aim high to provide customers with more punctual and reliable service in the routes of Korea/Japan, Korea/China, China/Japan, Japan/Thailand, Korea/Intra-Asia & India Sub-continent.

Tramper service
Since January, 1993, we had put our first step into the conventional semi-liner service from Far East to Mediterranean Sea.

Korea/Japan service
KMTC commenced its container liner service in Korea/Japan route in the early 70's. Since then, KMTC has taken the initiative of introducing new container liner service into main port as well as out ports in Japan among the Korean shipping carriers.
Also, KMTC provides T/S services via Pusan from / to Japan ports to / from all service ports through our network.

Korea/China service
Since the commencement of China full container liner service to Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Xingang and Dalian from Feb. 1994, KMTC has handled not only local cargoes between Pusan and China but also through cargoes to / from Japan and Intra-Asia / India Sub-continental ports.
With a view to providing the highest China service both in quality and quantity, KMTC has established its local branch offices at Shanghai, Qingdao, Xingang(Tianjin), Dalian and Ningbo.

China/Japan service
In order to meet the growing demand of customers on service efficiency and shipping circumstance that has been on their rapid change, KMTC commenced it's pendulum serivce between China and Japan with an axis of Pusan port for the first time among Korean carriers.
By introducing this new pendulum service, KMTC can upgrade it's service quality, efficiency and lessen the transit time between China and Japan trade as well as saving the logistics cost.

India Sub-continental service
KMTC has expanded its qualified services via Singapore T/S service to India Sub-continent, such as Mumbai, Chennai (Madras), and Calcutta in India and Chittagong in Bangladesh, Yangon in Myanmar, Sihanoukville in Cambodia, Colombo in Sri Lanka to keep up with the customer's various shipping needs and comprehensive logistics services.

Japan/Thailand service
KMTC started it's liner direct service linking Thailan - Korea - Japan for the purpose of providing more upgraded service to our customers by deploying 4 vessels with the capacity of 1,100TEU in February 2002.
We are proud that this service ca be a great contribution for activating the trade between Japan, Korea and S.E.Asia countries.

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