Intermodaltrasporti S.r.l. is a group of companies operating in the whole country. The core business of the group is the integrated industrial logistics and all the transport activities. help
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Intermodaltrasporti s.r.l.

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Low cost international shipping and moving services!
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Intermodaltrasporti s.r.l.
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Traffic connections
The Intermodaltrasporti group carries out activities of depot management with platforms located in Novara, Padova, Bologna, Pomezia, Latina, Napoli, Brindisi and Gela.
On these platforms we receive national goods from Gela, Ragusa, Priolo, Brindisi and Porto Torres and goods coming from abroad that are delivered by the group structures operating in this case as sub-carriers in partnership - as we have already said - with external operators.

Transportation by sea
Includes a steady traffic coming from Sardinia, for which we send empty cargo containers or we entrust them to other shippers who use the one-way stretch. For the transport by sea of dried goods, we usually use our semi-trailers carrying containers, equipped with 45 moving cases, using the ferryboats that regularly connect the mainland to the Islands.
Maritime transports in the Mediterranean Sea have been carried out with traditional sea containers on full-container ships or semi-trailers shipped on ferryboats.
In this specific section of the market, we experiment and develop cooperations in order to deliver in the whole of the country shipments of different goods that come from overseas.

Transportation by road
Transport by road in the entire national territory is managed and coordinated through the different trade offices of the group.
Transport by road is carried out using a fleet of tanker cars according to the different needs. This fleet is composed of road tractors, tankers for transporting pell-mell products (foodstuffs and others), refrigerated semi-trailers for transporting products whose temperatures must be checked and semi-trailers. The road traffic that is linked to intermodal transport (road + railway) is composed of road tractors and semi-trailers carrying containers equipped for the transport of different sized containers, with different forms of discharge : tipping, pressure and/or rotary valve.

Multimodal transport through programmed fluxes
For multimodal transport, the Intermodaltrasporti group is not only able to provide the transfer of goods using a combination of different types of transport (road + railroad + sea), but also offers the possibility of using - at the same time or alternatively - different cargo containers according to the type of goods that need to be dealt with.

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