Foundation and registration of Interglobal Shipping GmbH was in 1991. The management has over 25 years of experience in international shipping and freight forwarding. help
Low cost international shipping and moving services!

Interglobal Shipping GmbH

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Low cost international shipping and moving services!
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Interglobal Shipping GmbH
Contact:    Mr. Thomas Buse
Phone:       +49-(0)421-340 65-0
Fax:            +49-(0)421-340 6565
Address:Uhlandstr. 3
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Interglobal Shipping GmbH has been specialized for many years in shipping all kind of vehicles, automobiles, motorcycles, trucks an trailers, tractors, busses, mobile homes, boats and all other roll-able cargo to and from all destinations around the world by air and ocean supported by a worldwide network of independent and professional agents for factories, dealers, collectors and private individuals.
Look to Interglobal Shipping for superior service in:
- automobile logistics;
- Ro/Ro shipments;
- Middle East/Far East logistics;
- Trans-Atlantic logistics;
- international freight forwarding;
- NVOCC services;
- custom brokerage;
- warehousing & distribution.

We are proud members of the following organizations:
- ADAC (german automobile club), Munich, Germany
- Chamber of Commerce, Bremen and Hamburg, Germany
- FIATA, Zurich, Switzerland
- Forwarding Association, Bremen, Germany
- Security Cargo Network, Denver, USA
- Transcontainer-Universal, Bremen, Germany
- World Auto Shippers Association, San Diego, USA

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Customer's Reviews:


As sad as it is, we cannot recommend this company at all! We paid for shipping and door to door delivery (San Diego to Aachen, Germany) over 700 US$ for just one square meter (8 boxes)! It's now 4(!) months since we dropped off our boxes with personal effects at AbleCargo and we are still waiting for the delivery. They promised us that it would be 8 weeks. But as soon as we were charged for shipment and the boxes had left the US, AbleCargo seems to not care any more. The delivery is now stuck in German customs and Interglobal, their German shipping partner who is in charge for customs clearance and the delivery to our apartment, is just not taking care of it. Despite nearly daily requests via email and telephone, they still have not managed to deliver our effects. The excuse of the German company Interglobal: "Other customers are waiting just as long.". Moreover, we learned that they will not carry out the customs clearance as agreed on since it's an "unusual case", and asked us to appear at local customs in person. We finally agreed to that, even tough we paid for a full service. But that is not enough: Finally they gave us a date when we were supposed to pick up our stuff at the local customs office, they finally told us that OUR FRIGHT IS LOST!
At the same time AbleCargo, who promised a full service and who is our first contract partner, leaves us alone to handle the situation with the German Partner Interglobal, who is just refusing to deliver or better say who lost our freight. After more than 4 months of hassle on our end to expedite what we thought would be a service we paid for, we now find ourselves with our effects lost. I simply cannot fathom how these two companies are staying in business. Looks like we will have to involve our lawyer now, as sad as it is. Poor service and nerve-racking for all parties.

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