Greyhound Freight is the new name for Bus Freight Australia, which commenced its national door to door freight network in April 1994. help
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Greyhound Freight Australia

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Low cost international shipping and moving services!
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Greyhound Freight Australia
Phone:       1300 65 65 32
Fax:            07 3868 0998
Address:PO Box 1475, Eagle Farm
Brisbane , Queensland
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The Greyhound Freight operation is quite unique as it is the only national freight company which uses coaches as its primary mode of freight transportation. We have over 150 coaches moving our freight across Australia, and we contract over 1500 courier vans and trucks nationally to pick-up and deliver our parcels. Greyhound Freight now services over 10000 suburbs and towns across Australia.

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I used this company to transport my DJ Gear which included mixing board, decks, and a complete sound system and I have got to say their service was exceptional not to mention their freight prices. They didn't offer insurance but I organized temporary transit insurance outside just in case.

Just make sure you get them to transfer from depot to depot and you will have no problems, others who have had problems was because they got greyhounds to pick the items up from their house bringing into it another courier company (Thats when things get messy).

So make sure you do it like that and I can assure you service will be excellent for your goods at a very reasonable price.

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