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At Freight and Shipping, Inc. offer you acess to discount freight rates for commerical and residential shipping. help
Low cost international shipping and moving services!

Freight and Shipping,Inc.

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Low cost international shipping and moving services!
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Freight and Shipping,Inc.
Phone:       1 877 618 6058
Fax:            1 727 230 8020
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The services we offer:
- truck loads;
- LTL freight;
- container freight;
- residential freight;
- international freight;
- rail freight;
- auto shipping;
- moving companies,;
- moving vans;
- pallet shipping;
- furniture shipping;
- appliance shipping;
- ebay shipping;
- specialized shipping;
- oversized load, truckload, heavy weight, office and business relocation.

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Customer's Reviews:

Shaun Desmith

I ship on a daily basis , and have been saving money,ever since i found this site and Chris (my freight agent has helped me through every shipment .) Thanks Chris and F&S !

Phillip Evans

I bought a used engine on ebay and found freightnshipping.com site on google. they gave me an instant price and i called them. i saved so much shipping with them my agent (kevin kelly) was so helpfull. I will use them again in the future. Thanks Freight N Shipping, Inc.

Joseph R

I had the worst experience while shipping with www.freightnshipping.com. When I called up there, I first spoke with a guy named Mike. I gave him the exact information and specs I was given from the factory it was coming from to ship my couch and he quoted me $130.00. We did the shipment and 2 weeks later I noticed on my bank account that they charged me again for an additional $295.00. I called up and spoke with Eric Masters who claimed that he was the owner of the company about this and he tried to tell me that the couch weighed an additional 90 pounds and that it needed some special service to be added to it in order to be shipped. They never informed me of these "special services" or supposed extra weight (which I know is wrong because I have the paperwork from the manufacturer's warehouse) and they just went ahead and charged my card without my consent. Then while speaking with Eric Masters at www.freightnshipping.com about this, he then told me "what are you gonna do, sue me?" and then began laughing like it was a big joke along with other people laughing in the background as well. I would be very careful of this company for the fact I am still dealing with them and my bank till this day. I have also found numerous complaints on them on the Better Business Bureau site.

Tyrome Giblet

I recently shipped with "FNS". They were great Dan Maroudis was the best agent i have ever used at Freight & Shipping. Thanks Dan!!!!


Dan Maroudis was an amazing agent. He was very helpful and full of wisdom. I highly recommend him and freight & shipping Inc.

Jay Bunner

I recently shipped an engine thru FNS. I dealt with Dan Maroudis. The guy knows his stuff and was a heck of a salesman. Everyone was not even close to his level of service. I have done a lot of shipments with FNS and will now only deal with Dan Maroudis. He truly is a superstar in the freight world!!!

David Himler

Freight & shipping is a top notch freight company! I recently shipped 12 pallets of machinery thru them and the service was smooth. my personal agent was Dan Maroudis. Dan Maroudis and Freight & shipping inc. are tops when it comes to moving freight. I highly recommend Freight & Shipping and Dan Maroudis. Thanks Dan Maroudis!

CC Sabathia

I am a major League pitcher and recently moved to N.Y. I found Dan Maroudis at a company called Freight n Shipping inc. Dan Maroudis was outstanding throughout this ordeal. He helped coordinate my move from W.I to my new location in N.Y. Thanks Dan Maroudis!

C.C Sabathia

James Taylor

Freight & Shipping, Inc is great to work with. My agent, Buddy, took care of everything. I had to move a deep freezer from AL to ND and, even though the delivery was in a remote location, they were still able to deliver to my aunts house and I couldn't find a better price. Thanks Freight & Shipping, INC!

Willy Mosier

I currently am a EBAY seller and i needed someone to ship my articles. I came across Freight n Shipping on the web and thought i would give them a shot. The prices were amazing i thought it was to good to be true. I got an agent off the phone " Kevin Kelley" and he was the most curtious and educated freight agent i have ever talked to. So i went this company freight n shipping, and it was the best shipping experience ever. Thanks again kevin and freight n shipping!!!!

Sam Wu

Be careful of this company as they have been know to charge ("re-bill") their customers with additional charges that the item shipped is more than what was quoted.

Johnathon Singleton

I had recently looked at doing shipping with this company. I called to get a price and no one was there to help me out. So i called back and the supposedly the owner picked up "Eric Masters" which i could see was definitely not intelligent and very rude!! He had told me a price which completely was out of the park and feel that this company or just this guy is trying to make a long vacation out of someones hard earned money. Thanks again Eric Masters for showing me what company NOT to use.

Johnny Walker

I had to send 2 crates of Red Label. I spoke to Dan Maroudis. Horrible experience. Dont do it.

Bob Schwieger

through two companies, Freight and shipping.com as well as Shipping quotes.org Eric (Jay) Masters swindled my company out of over $100,000. He booked his shipments through my company, charged his customers then failed to pay me. In the first quarter of 2011, Eric (Jay) went as far as emailing me from the slopes of Colorado and thanked me for paying for his ski trip with the money that he swindled from me. The guy is a crook and still owes me over $100,000.


Unfortunately, I have had the opportunity to meet this Eric Masters guy in person, and he is everything you say he is. He is arrogant, rude, and avoids the law. And he did run off to Colorado with his mistress to vacation on other people's money. . . Please pursue him legally all you can. He's a snake and has done this to many, many people.

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