Established in 1992, Diki Continental Exports is based in Thamel downtown of Kathmandu. We are capable of offering services to our customers from various countries, interested exclusively in Nepalese and Tibetan arts, crafts, clothing and antiques. help
Low cost international shipping and moving services!

Diki Continental Exports

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Low cost international shipping and moving services!
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Diki Continental Exports
Phone:       (1)4224067
Fax:            (0097)1 4266696
Address:ERC 5187, GPO 8975, JP School Rd. Thamel
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Collection and transport
We provide our skilled labor and transport for loading and unloading of your goods and transportation from goods manufacturer or vender to our warehouses and then to the airport after packing.
Packing material used:
- cartons of 7-ply corrugated cardboard;
- 5-ply cardboard sheets for furniture;
- air bubble sheets for all the handicrafts and fragile items;
- stretch wrap film for air shipments as needed.

Approval from the Archeological Dept
Almost all the handicraft goods needs to have verification from the HM Government so every single pieces which have antique looks need to have the stamp from the Archeology dept. We provide this service of stamping from the department.

1. Our warehouses are regularly fumigated to ensure protection from pests.
2. A comprehensive storage insurance cover is offered for the goods. All warehouses are insured for fire risks.
3. The commercial goods or commodities, which might taint or affect other goods, are stored separately. Similarly dangerous or hazardous goods are not accepted into our warehouses.
4. Minimum storage fee is charged for the goods due for shipment after 2 months after.

Custom clearance and booking
We cleared the custom of your shipment and will be booked with airlines, booking can be done as per the choice of the consignee or we book it with the first flight departing from here.

We communicate to our customers with the latest developments and the update status of the shipment. We are equipped with all modern communication devices.

We can also offer
- air cargo;
- air / sea cargo;
- sea mail;
- sea cargo;
- air mail;
- courier service.

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