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Dependable Logistics is an integrated logistics provider. The group comsistes of four companies: DHE, DDC, DLS, DHX. help
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Dependable Logistics

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Low cost international shipping and moving services!
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United States
Dependable Logistics
Phone:       (323) 526-2222
Fax:            (323) 526-2252
Address:2555 East Olympic Boulevard
Los Angeles , California
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Dependable Highway Express services:
1. Less than truckload (LTL):
- one of the largest less than truckload carriers in California, Arizona and Southern Nevada;
- overnight service;
- general commodities;
- large, partials and half truck load;
- same day service;
- dedicated service.
2. National Truckload Division - NTD
Provides full truck load services throughout the 48 states. Over 300 trucks and trailers makes this division one of the largest TL carriers in California.
3. Rail & harbor drayage - less than container load (lcl) - intermodal
Dependable Highway Express is a leading provider of container, rail drayage and LCL services in Northern and Southern California. DHE's intermodal division services the ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Hayward and San Francisco. It also services various railyards located in Southern and Northern California. This division has over 80 units located in Los Angeles and Hayward.

Dependable Distribution Centers (DDC) services:
1. Public storage and warehouse
DDC offers the best service in storage and warehousing through four distribution facilities in Northern and Southern California. Our size enables flexible storage and it has become an essential part of our overall success. Large corporations or smaller individually owned companies all benefit from the dependable difference.
2. Garment on hangers
The Garment On Hanger - GOH division (specifically designed for the apparel and fashion industry), at our Los Angeles facility is ideally equipped to house volume garments on hangers, flat packs, and bulk textile rolls. We also have large staging areas, approximately 110,000 sq. ft, where inbound shipments are sorted, consolidated, and stored until ready to ship.
3. Repack and rework
Dependable Distribution Centers has the capability to perform repack, rework and minor assembly operations. The distribution centers are equipped with assembly tables and conveyor belts to ease and facilitate fast movement of packaging and reworking operations.
4. Barcoding and labeling
DDC is capable of handling all core technologies related to barcoding and labeling - identification codes, bar codes, and electronic data interchange (EDI). These core technologies enable the business functions of inbound / outbound order processing throughout the distribution channel.
5. Cross-dock / transloading
The company offers cross docking service which keeps goods moving on the fast track to retailers. We have over 50 doors to accommodate cross-docking or transloading of products. Moreover, we also have large staging areas where inbound shipments are sorted, consolidated, and stored until they are ready to ship.
6. Consolidation and distribution
Our consolidation and distribution services can help businesses optimize operations by freeing up capital to move in a direction that could prove more profitable to their long-term interests. Orders are processed and shipped based on the customersí specifications. To effectively consolidate the supplierís orders, we generate load plans so customers will know exactly where in the trailer any given order is located.
7. Pick and pack services:
- located in Los Angeles and Oakland;
- over 1,700,000 sq. ft of area for storage of products;
- 50,000 sq. ft of area is available for pick and pack operations;
- warehouse management system to manage inventories, customer lists etc.;
- EDI and compliance labeling (UCC-128, SCC-14, UCC);
- customized reports (Activity reports, Inventory reports, MTD, YTD, Inventory value);
- reports via Fax, EDI, e-mail or over the Internet (DDCOL).

Dependable Hawaiian Express services:
1. Freight services
We provide both eastbound and westbound air freight services between Hawaii and North America.
2. Logistics services
Our Logistics Division is structured to meet the variety of needs particular to construction or other projects requiring specialized handling. Our experienced staff can provide a wide range of services, from simple consolidations to maintaining an exactly timed intercontinental shipping schedule.
3. Trucking services
The company offers local pickup and delivery service with the same high quality of expertise and service you've come to expect from us. In Honolulu and Maui we do local trucking and distribution on island during our normal course of business.
4. Transcontinental services
Our network of regional agents, coupled with our high volume, enables you to receive a combination of the best overland discounts and quality transportation services available in the industry.
5. Intermodal services
From anywhere within the continental United States or Canada, we can arrange service to or from Hawaii. Our goal is simple: Worry free, cost effective service based on a single telephone call to DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express.

Dependable Logistics Solutions services:
- airfreight (domestic and international);
- LTL in continental United States;
- LTL in Mexico and Canada;
- TL in continental United States;
- TL in Mexico and Canada;
- intermodal in continental United States;
- intermodal to Mexico and Canada.

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