United Kingdom
Since 1982, Cargo Marketing has offered a broad range of services with proactive customer support. help
Low cost international shipping and moving services!

Cargo Marketing Services Ltd.

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Low cost international shipping and moving services!
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United Kingdom
Cargo Marketing Services Ltd.
Phone:       +44 (0)1827 300 030
Fax:            +44 (0)1827 311 120
Address:Ocean House Marston Park
Tamworth , Staffs
B78 3HU
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From the smallest freight forwarder to the largest corporate business with a global presence these is one thing in common, the need to ship containerised cargo efficiently and effectively.

At Cargo Marketing we are dedicated to providing competitive container shipping solutions through innovation design and development.

We are able to offer:
a. Full Container Loads:
- Europe to North America;
- North America to Europe;
b. consolidation services:
- Europe to North America;
- North America to Europe.

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Review by Josh for Rating: I usually never write reiwves on Amazon, but this one deserved my five minutes of time.I got this roof bag about a month ago to use on my road trip out West (I am from SC). I have to say that I was incredibly impressed by this bag. I saw so many people on the road whose bags were flapping in the wind, while mine stayed sturdy on the car. I didn't expect it to be fully weatherproof, and it performed as expected. All I had to do was put my stuff in black garbage bags to keep it completely dry, because the bag let in a little water.This roof bag saw a hailstorm in Kentucky, perpetual rain in the Pacific NW, and heavy winds throughout the country without tearing or being damaged in any way. I couldn't ask for anything more! And it didn't even affect my gas mileage that much (maybe 1-2 mpg). Oh, and the plastic fabric is EASY to clean; just wipe it off with a damp paper towel!If you have some common sense and take care of your things, this bag is perfect. I have no doubt it will serve me for at least 4-5 years to come.

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