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We are a mid-sized moving company, privately owned and operated, with offices and storage facilities in New York City, San Jose Moving and Los Angeles Moving California. help
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California New York Express

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Low cost international shipping and moving services!
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United States
California New York Express
Phone:       (888) 680-7200
Address:1248 Palmetto St.
Los Angeles , California
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On the day of your pick up our crew wraps & crates the items to be shipped. Before loading, each item is numbered & color-coded. The foreman inventories each item, noting its condition. The line markers on the truckís side walls are used as guidelines to determine the size of your shipment. The foreman will address any questions or concerns you may have during the process.

Average delivery time is seven to fourteen days. On the day your shipment leaves the city of origin, you will be contacted and informed of the in-transit status of your belongings. Twenty-four to forty-eight hours before arrival, you will be contacted by our driver to arrange the delivery date and time. Upon delivery, your valuables will be carried into the premises. Our movers will unwrap the padding and set furniture in place. Items that were disassembled by our crew at origin will be reassembled.

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Customer's Reviews:

Tiffany Truong

This was the worst, most stressful moving experience I've ever had. I am a single person living in NYC without much furniture. I paid extra to have my things stored in San Francisco so that my furniture will be delivered (promised 1-2 days after notification). At the NYC end, the movers come promptly and packed my furniture nicely. But when I arrived in San Francisco, I contacted them to deliver my furniture with no response for days. When they responded, the customer service lady told me that they had stored my furniture in LA and it would "take a while to get it out of storage". She would not give me a definite time despite repeated emails and phone calls. They never returned my phone calls. My contact in NYC basically said it wasn't his problem. I had to stay in a hotel the entire time It took them 10 days to deliver my furniture from when I first requested it. They never apologize, gave no updates, and never reiumbused me for the hotel bills, lost of work time, or inconvenience of waiting for 10 days. I would not recommend them to anyone.


I recently used moveeast to transport my stuff from Los Angeles to NYC. The movers were fast, efficient and courteous! Their paperwork was what convinced me to move with them. Everything was explained to me in writing and over the phone when I spoke with the estimator. When I got my things in NYC the crew over there were great too. All in all, I would say that moveeast is a class act! I am very happy with their work and would use them again if I ever move back.


I moved from NY to CA with California NY express. I was very pleased with the entire move. All of California NY express representatives were attentive and service oriented. The team worked really hard, and they were polite and patient with me as I decided what was to be packed and where to move things in our new house. I had no idea that they will accomplish all that they did on that day. They showed up on time, finished before the allotted time and stayed within estimate.

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