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New Zealand
BAX Global Inc.
Contact:    Chris
Phone:       602-458-6200,
Address:Airport Oaks, Mangere P.O. Box 97-088
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BAX offers BAXSuite transportation and supply chain solutions. In North America, BAX offers three product options: BAXGuaranteed includes guaranteed overnight and second day products, BAXStandard overnight and second day and BAXSaver, timely delivery within 1 to 3 business days. The company's North American transportation system includes a mix of aircraft and trucks combined to offer expedited delivery to every important business center in the North America.

Internationally, BAX has one of the largest service networks in the industry. The company offers expedited and standard air freight, ocean forwarding, customs brokerage, documentation and banking services across the globe.

The company's Argus+ global communication and information management system, allows BAX offices and agents to communicate to one another, monitor shipments, provide customers with customized reports, tracking of shipments and status on charges.

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Not a very good choice if you need service. However, if you need cheap and have an unlimited amount of time. This might be worth looking at.


This company has got to be one of the worst! Verified 3 times with them that shipment would be received between 1 -3. Took time off work and at 11:00 they call and say they didn't know where i live, which is nothing but a lie, because in one conversation with them I asked if they know where my town was, there response was oh we go there everyday, no problem. So they didn't put it on the truck, didn't call until I was already home from work.

Talked to corp and the local St.Louis station, both of which took the attitude, sorry your bad luck, might get there tomorrow. My feeling is if after 3 times telling me it will be delivered, they should deliver it.

Anyway if you have a choice I would definitely use someone else and I will definitely be asking who sellers ship with before purchasing and if its lax Bax I will buy somewhere else!!!!


Yeah. Bax is easily the worst. At least out of the dozen or so companies I've tried. First, after I gave them my address and pertinent info, they sent the delivery to the wrong city. After checking, they had the wrong zip code, address and misspelled my company name. (I think they transposed San Pedro the street with San Pedro the city - which might explain the completely random zip code.) Part of the problem is the person taking my order could barely speak English.

I've had about 10 deliveries from Bax and they have completely botched 7 of them. Once, they actually came before the six hour window they provided. That made me mad because I always request the earliest possible window...anyway I wasn't there.

My biggest complaint is that you can almost count on them to miss the window THEY give. They usually come the same day, but twice they missed the delivery day completely.
The last time with no call. A six hour window! Missed it completely.

In fact, they have me waiting at the moment. Plenty of time to sully them all across the internet.

They are cheap and I have advice for anyone that uses them or takes a delivery from them. They second you get the tracking number, get on the phone and chew someone's ass in advance. Sounds mean but it seems like they flag irate customers.


I ordered a TV on Sonystyle and they use Bax to ship out their order. They gave me a window between 12 and 5 on a weekday. I took time off to stay home to receive my package. When they did not show till 4:45, I called their local office in Dallas and they assured me that they would be there by 5. I then called around 5:15 and they finally tracked the truck down and informed me that they were stuck making a delivery in Gainsville, which is over an hour from where i live and said they can come in only at 7. I agreed to this because I did not want to take any more time off from work waiting on delivery on Monday. They once again did not show at 7 and when I called they claimed that they were still stuck in Gainsville! and wanted me to wait till 8. At this point I did not want to waste a perfect Fri evening waiting on these folks. I live just 20 mins from their office and asked if I could pick up the order myself the following morning. They agreed to that and I had to drive up to their warehouse just 20 mins away from my house to pick up my own order when I had paid for delivery! They had no courtesy to even apologize for this inconvenience. Also all through the day - they could not make even one call saying they would be late. This is the type of customer service they offer!

So the bottom line is - how good can this company be when they cannot deliver an item 20 mins from their location???

The next thing in line is to call Sony and complain to them about their preferred shipping company.

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