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Air, Land & Sea Vehicle Delivery Corp.

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United States
Air, Land & Sea Vehicle Delivery Corp.
Contact:    FRED
Phone:       (888) 527-4968
Fax:            (727) 490-3473 fax
Address:200 2nd Street South #101
St. Petersburg , Florida
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Air, Land and Sea Vehicle Delivery Corp. is one of the oldest and most competent auto transporters in the industry. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will help you ship your vehicle with the courtesy and respect that you deserve. We work with the best auto carriers in the world to ensure every vehicle shipment is delivered to your satisfaction.
Specializing exclusively in auto transport services such as:
Seasonal Vacations
Corporate Relocations
eBay and Auto Trader Vehicles
International Auto Transporting
Rail Car Shipping
Military Relocations
Residential Moves
College Dorm Auto Transporting
Enclosed Auto Transporting and much more....

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Customer's Reviews:

Alexey Sergeev

I signed for their service more than one month ago. Since my car was not shipped, I called them several times. They gave me confusing information until recently. Then, they start to disconnect telephone when attempting to contact them. If somebody is seriously considering to use their service and is reading this message, please contact me at asergeev@tulane.edu, and I could give more details of a possible fraudulent nature of this company.


This is a fraud company.
give some more money to any other company its worth it. They aske me to pick up my car on 15th Jan,2005. from Detroit,I already started for CA. And gave my car to my one of friend. I called her When ur going to pick up my car,they told me within 2 days. After some days I asked them give my 200$ back. I don't want to do any business with u. After that They picked up my car. and told it's already in transit to CA. after one month I found My car is on Detroit Terminal.Then they transit my car and asked me 200$ more. I sked them for what they did not give me any reply and told bad words. Manager Fraid also lied with me. If manager is like that You will beleive on whom???? And I was asking about Geoge they were telling me same reply George will give u call back By 8:00 p.m.But funny thing is Geoge is working up to 5:00pm only.Not rteliable company. I got my car in CA 5th March. who deliver my car He was nice person. and He asked me next time ask us. We will give u exact time and Date. If we are late We will pay u 100$. It was Nationwide Transit.

James Burke

Complete scam. Promised everything and delivered nothing. Can't be reached and never returns any calls. Don't trust them with your valuable car or you will be SORRY!


This is the best company I have ever used. They were fast, helpful and I got my car in Sweden in 3 weeks.

Jeff Davis

Entered a sales contract May 18th 2005 to have my car picked up in LODI CA to be delivered to LANGHORNE PA. Car was supposed to be picked up on May 24th 2005. NO CALL NO SHOW NO PICK UP. Then the date was changed to May 31st 2005. Again NO CALL NO SHOW NO PICK UP. They FINALLY picked the car up on JUNE 6 2005. I was notified from the seller of the car, NOT Air Land and Sea. There was supposed to be a 7-10 day delivery window. I call yesterday, to find out what state my car was in... Guess Where? CALIFORNIA!!!!! I am always given the run around on the phone when they DO answer the phone. Over the course of a month, the same guy told me 3 times that he didnt know anything.. He started yesterday.... Now I am calling them non stop and they keep hanging up on me!!! Time for an in office face to face type meeting.. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!! You will be sorry!!! I only wish I read the quotes on this page before I paid in FULL to have my classic car delivered from CA to PA!!!


i arranged for this company to pickup and deliver my car from NC to IL on 5/16/2005 with a $200.00 deposit. they assured me they would have a truck in the area on 5/21/2005 for pickup. every 3 or 4 days i would call for update and they would give me the runaround. one day in particular i must report because it was so conspicuous, i called request an update as to why my car hasn't been pickuped yet, the gentleman (tony) who i normally talk to wasnt in, and a woman told me there wasnt anyone else in the office today because an employee family member passed and everyone was at a the funeral. thats when an alarm went of and i searched the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU on this company. i really wasnt suprised to find many complaints, "wish i had looked sooner". im still waiting on my 200.00 deposit to this day.

Willard Williams

Crooks. Did not ship car to final destination. Did not pay contracted carrier. Have not refund $764 after promise to do so. No longer answers phones or email. Stay away from them.

Frank Lin

Worst company ever. I have a vehicle booked to be shipped by them and cancelled the shippment on June. They told me my $200 deposit shall be returned the following week. Almost two months passed, nothing happened. I called many time on their 1-800 number, never get connected. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY!


I had the worst experience with these guys. Never delivered the car till two months later from promised date from Delaware to CA and was damaged. Very unprofessional, incompetent. I would highly recommend not to go for this company if you care about good service. I almost sued the company. I guess, we as customers must not encourage this type of service and sure enough we deserve better service when we promptly pay for the service.

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