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Contact:    Surya Dhamija
Phone:       1-888-247-7732
Fax:            1-888-277-2329
Address:SFO - LAX - NYC - CHI - MIA - HOU - ATL
Milpitas 1815 Houret Court , California
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We are Freight Forwarding Network, NVOCC, OTI, Cargo Consolidator, Custom Broker, Carrier, and Shipping Agents for Ship Lines, Airlines, Truckers, Shipper & Consignee to handle International & Domestic transportation by Air, Sea or Land.

A leading Freight Transportation Solution Provider since 1986 in USA
We deliver Your cargo When You Need It, and Where You Need It.
Services Customized to your needs at competitive prices.
We are Registered Members of IATA, FIATA, CNS, FMC & other Transport Associations

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I don`t agree with you , i and few of my friends have shipped with air 7seas ,, we had quite a good experience as you can`t expect best results.. we are happy with there service


Air7Sea again is one of the best freight forwarding companies i used.
I now that a lot's of people have different opinion but one thing i now that air7seas is the best after shipping for 12 years.

Vishal Bhargava

Seeing few negative feedback I decided to give my Positive Feedback.
It is unfortunate that the few bad experiences get publicized.
I have moved with them twice and I have had very good experiences. I will recommend them to all my friends to move only through them. Both were international moves to India and they handled it exceptionally well.
The first call to get an estimate and then the pickup and packing were done in a professional manner. There is always a live person to talk to during business hours, and not a machine.
The sales person prepared me very well as to what to expect at the destination customs and clearance. The transition was very smooth.
I see a few complaints written about this company, on the net which can happen in any kind of a business. For the amount of shipment they have been doing since last 25 years, this is unfortunate that one or 2 case happens. Might be one should check out the ratio, before badmouthing.
I shopped around a lot before I shipped through Air7seas, and everyone, whom I spoke to, who relocated through them had only positive views.
If anyone wants direct feedback from me please feel free to contact me at visakam1@yahoo.co.in. I will be more than happy to talk to you. I couldnít resist but write this review to rebuttal a handful of unlucky ones who had the bad experience. It is only the few bad experiences that get publicized.


Date: Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 9:42 AM

This is to let you know that the shipment Ref# !v-45421 has reached it finale destatnation and pick-up today November 23, 2009.

I want to thank all who made this possible especially Gary, he took the time to educate me on the process
and reasured that this year would be different and it was!

May God continue to bless you all and may you have a bless THANKSGIVING.

Rakesh Thanks Again to you and your staff.



Service was excellent in all aspects. Thanks very much for the followup. In fact I referred couple of friends. Keep up the good work.

Debnath Mishra

I moved from Edison, NJ to Mumbai in August 09. I was lucky enough to have found the folks at Air7Seas for my moving needs. The staff at Air7Seas were very courteous, very patient and professionals to the core.They walked me through the various documents, what to read, what to know before moving the stuff. They told me all the options that Air7Seas provided and never pressurized me to go with their service (unlike some of the other providers).

The guy who came to my door in NJ to pick up the stuff was a nice gentleman. They were very careful in taking the stuff into the truck.

There were no surprises throughout the process. It reached Mumbai in 6 weeks.

The staff at Mumbai were really nice, they delivered all my stuff at my doorstep. They did not charge me anything extra (other than the very small custom fee). They picked up my passport from my house, there was no need for me to go and talk to the customs guys.

All my stuff arrived in proper condition, nothing was damaged

I would recommend everybody planning to make an international move, to use their services.


I have a very good experience with Air7seas. I moved my personal effects from Door Miami-FL to Door Piraeus-Greece. Shipment Tracking was good and they given ongoing updations ontime. All my stuff has been received by me good condition with out any damage. I have lot of friends in US whom i will be recommend to use your service. Once again i thank the team for best service.

Sangam Vishwanath

Although it has been almost 2 months since my shipment arrived, I would like to thank you for the safe transport and arrival of my shipment from USA to Chennai. I got very good service from both your US as well as Chennai offices. Ms. Usha helped me through the entire process till the shipment was picked from my home. In Chennai both Mr.Satishkumar and Mr.Rajesh were very helpful and ensured that the clearance process was very smooth. Mr.Satishkumar ensured that I paid minimal duty. Within the day the shipment was inspected, cleared and delivered to my home.

I would definitely recommend you to others too. In fact a couple of my friends have used your service after I recommended you to them.

Thanks and all the best!

Indu subramanian

I would say that out of 1-7, they were excellent.
I have been really happy with the service they provided, their rates are competitive and excellent follow up as well. The packages arrived intact and not damaged. I would also like to comment that their agent in India gave me more detailed information on the process of clearing at the customs office, time it will take at customs office and other logistics that require submission of passport/OCI and the time it takes to undock the load from the ship. I am also aware in India most things are not predictable when it come to dealing with Govt. officials and the Indian culture in general is a lot different from the smooth processes we get used to in US. the service was professional and I am very satisfied with their service.
Thank you.

I will make a recommendation if any of my friends or relatives ask for a shipment company.

Naresh Parikh

We are very happy with Air7seas and particularly you for excellent prompt services. We appreciate and recommend our friends to deal with you for any work related Air Cargo and Transfer of residence for baggage. Our Container has reached to destination safely.

With good wishes,


I had received the consignment at Chennai. I wanted to thank you for the assistance provided in this regard.
I also wanted to mention that the Consignment was handled very professionally by Satish and his team members at Chennai.

Nageswararao Y

Thanks to your team at Air7Seas and especially to both of you in ensuring my move is safe and hassle free.

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best) I give a straight 10 for your contributions on the planning and excution of this move.Our most sincere thanks once again


Our container has been released. Thank you very much esp you for your continued follow up. Your the best!!!

Emy J King

First and foremost I would like to thank you for your awesome customer service. You always returned my calls, answered all my questions and concerns. Excellent is an understatement.
My container was delivered untouched. Nothing was missing.I cannot thank her enough.


I would like to thank you very much for working on getting my stuff (nothing was broken!). I apprecite your time and patience.

Sunny Anadi

This is to convey my sincere appreciation of your excellent services in picking up my 2003 FORD EXPLORER EDDIE BAUR from Virginia and diligently shipping same through Baltimore to Nigeria on my behalf, without any dents nor scratches.

The owner of the vehicle in Nigeria is filled with joy and thanks for this expert job! Keep it up! I look forward for better businesses with you and your company in the future.

I have already been spreading the good news to my friends who ship too, that I have found a company that handles peoples' goods with extreme care, and encouraging them to try your company whenever they have something to ship.

Wish you all the best,


I would like to thank you for all your help with my move. Everything went smoothly and my family was able to collect my cargo at Lahore airport.
Thank you for all your wonderful advice not just with what to send and how to send it, but also to anticipate what I may need (something that saved me a lot of headache upon collection of my stuff).
I would like to congratulate you guys for your professionalism, customer service, honesty and keeping our best interests a priority. My move would not have been seamless without your help and I can't thank you enough for that.
I have already been spreading the good word about you guys to my friends in the US.

Karthik Babu

Good to have efficient and courteous service. Excellent work.

Big thanks air7seas. They did a great job.

Devesh Rathore

This morning i finally received my shipment. Thank you all so much for making this a relatively smooth experience. the entire experience was great. Thanks to all of you and Air7 Seas staff for all the time and help you extended towards our relocation.

On this side of the waters your local team exceeded my expectations - i was kept informed about eveything that was going on, all paperwork was proactively handled, port-to-door delivery happened just as was communicated - i really have nothing but words of praise for the level of professionalism and service extended by Gajendra and his staff.

Thanks again for all your collective and timely help. It was a pleasure having used your services. I'll definitely recommend you to all my friends and acquaintances.


I would like to thank you for the great service offered by your organization. We received our household goods on the 14th at our home and all the items that we have unpacked (80%) are all intact. We are very impressed by your professionalism, for providing quick help whenever necessary and working through the process and taking care of all the paperwork. I will definitely recommend your service to anyone else who will need shipping services.


I would like to send special thanks to you and Babu for providing excellent service all the way from the initial estimates to getting the container out of the door. While there were some hiccups at the time of loading, we got through the process and all our items that were put at the end without proper packing made it fine here.


I would like to thank Sreenivas and Ravi Shankar for helping us get through Customs and taking care of all the paperwork. They prepared all the documents in advance and had everything ready for the inspection. Ravi also patiently waited at the A/C office for a few hours to get the signature so that he could get the truck crew to load all the stuff from the container into the trucks.

The other Satish and his crew did a good job of unloading all the items and putting the right boxes and furniture in the appropriate rooms and also helping in the clean assembling of the furniture.

We really appreciate all the help and the professionalism with which you helped us move our belongings to make ourselves at home again.

Thank You


Just a quick notel to say how very pleased with the cndition of everything ...For the record, we had packaged all things that were breakable such as dihes, mirrors, pictures etc. and were quite concerned. NO WORRIES...Not one item was broken and there was literally one table a bit scratched..certainly easliy fixed. No other damage. So congrats to the packers from New Jersey and the driver, and finally the shipping co. Great job...Please share with all how we are appreciative for their care and we will be sure to spread the word about 7 seas. Incidentally, the personnell at this end in St.Martin were also very professional. Again, many thanks,

pradeep divvela

I sincerely thank you all for your help with my order. I was able to collect everything last week. there were no issues with the shipment. All the boxes showed up without any any damages.
Thanks again. I will make sure i write a good review about you guys on the forums i visit.

Prem Hejmadi

I took delivery of the baggage yesterday and it was shipped to our home today. We wanted to thank you for all your help, assistance and advice.
With love and best wishes.


Hope you are all doing fine at Air7Seas. My apologies for not writing to you earlier. My heartiest thanks to you and your teams both in the US as well as in India for helping transport my household goods in a very professional and user-friendly manner. As I mentioned earlier, I am also happy about your pricing which is very competitive. Most importantly, the flexibility you provided me in choosing the delivery address (Hyderabad or Machilipatnam) 3 weeks before the arrival of the shipment has been very useful for me.

All in all, I had a great experience with your service and I already recommended A7S to my friends who are returning soon.

Janaki Ranjith

We received the consignment and would like to inform that we are extremely happy with the service Air7Seas provided. The entire process, from pickup of the boxes from US till delivery at our home in Chennai was completely hassle free. We received all the items within boxes in the same condition as we had packed.


I wanted to thank both of you for providing great service regarding the shipment to India. Everything reached safely on time and without any issues. I would certainly recommend you guys to friends.

Asim Hamxa

Although it has been almost 2 months since my shipment arrived, I would like to thank you for the safe transport and arrival of my shipment from USA to Chennai. I got very good service from both your US as well as Chennai offices. Ms. Usha helped me through the entire process till the shipment was picked from my home. In Chennai both Mr.Satishkumar and Mr.Rajesh were very helpful and ensured that the clearance process was very smooth. Mr.Satishkumar ensured that I paid minimal duty. Within the day the shipment was inspected, cleared and delivered to my home.

I would definitely recommend you to others too. In fact a couple of my friends have used your service after I recommended you to them.

Thanks and all the best!


Strange that there are no actual negative comments here, considering the high percentage of complaints about this company eleswhere on the Internet


They are supposed to pick up the shipment from our house today. They don't have a truck to pick up the shipment and the guy came with a van. It is obvious that the van is not enough and they rescheduled the pick up to another day. first experience is not good and now i'm worried whether my shipment will reach India safely within the said time frame

Carolina Tagliafierro

It is not a matter of opinion but of experience. And mine is very much negative, like some of those here reported. These negative reviews must be publicized so that not many people incur in the same situation. Air 7 Seas is anything but professional and careful about customer needs. Once they took my stuff I completely lost any power and control. I just had to pay, even more thanks to the mysterious and discretionary process of palletiziation, which I was not enabled to verify. But by then, they had my stuff so the only feasible alternative for me was to pay and just wait for their inefficient process of delivering. The stuff arrived two months later than the promised time, there is an item damaged but the crew didn't seem take note of that. No receipt or complain or damage form was left in order to prove it. No information, no respect for the customer needs, late and unsatisfactory replies to my emails or calls.
I wonder how my experience is so contrasting with so many enthusiastic reviews I read here and on other websites. As I said somewhere else, there is a strange pattern between the warm supporters of Air 7 Seas. Their description of the service they received cannot correspond to the same company I have dealt with. In any case, better stay on the safe side: choose a more reliable company.


Worst shipping company ever!!!!!!!!!On March, I decided to ship my stuff back to China. And I only have four boxes, which is 18*18*24, and all of their weight does not exceed 70lbs. However, the company asked me to pay $1800 to get door to door shipment. I was so crazy to see this price. They charged $1800!!!for sea shipping. Is that ridicilous? Right now is almost June, I still do not receive my items. And I refuse to pay so much money. They asked me to pay $1225 if they ship from door to port. However, the agent they cooperate in China also request me to pay another $100. Moreover, the agent in China asked me a lot of materials for the clearance. I do not know what to do right now? Abandon my boxes? Or pay them? Or anywhere I can make complain?

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