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AFT Logistics, Inc. has been transported vehicles for 16 years. The company covers auto transport in all lower 48 states. We specialize in open and enclosed transports. help
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AFT Logistics, Inc.

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Low cost international shipping and moving services!
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United States
AFT Logistics, Inc.
Contact:    Faye
Phone:       1-877-238-3390
Fax:            (678) 688-2348
Address:117 Harrison Place
Hampton , Georgia
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The company covers auto transport in all lower 48 states. We specialize in open and enclosed transports.

We offer the following advantages:
- our staff works hard for you so that you can experience the safest, low cost and stress free move possible;
- we have also earned a "good guys" reputation with consumer affairs;
- we are trusted transporter because we work with you and your;
- budget giving you the individual attention, respect and service you deserve;
- each client is assigned their own individual transport representative for one on one communication each step of the way.

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Customer's Reviews:

M. Kim

They picked up my car in 1 day and delivered in 7 days from CA to NJ. Excellent staff, communication and friendly driver.


We made arrangements a month ago and today was the last day in AFTL's window for pick up. We called every day over the last several days and either got voice mail or Faye who could provide no details. Faye was asked to return our calls and she never did. We had to call AFTL each day and still were no better informed. After I posted on another review site that AFT Logistics never picked up our car, the company posted a response that can only be described as fiction. Obviously it is in the company's interest to rebut every unfavorable comment. They created a fictional order of events and then accused me of working for a competitor. I work for an educational non-profit and I work with young people who have dropped out of high school. My only motivation here is to save other people from having the frustrating experience my family had. As a family of 6 with little recourse when business take advantage, my only way to make a difference is to let other families know how this company operates. 1. We agreed to the window of pick up that comes with the lower rate. At no time did Faye talk to us about the higher rate and at no time did we say August 10 only. Our complaint is that the car was NEVER picked up. 2. We made ALL calls to AFT throughout the process. They never called us nor returned a call. At no time did AFT offer to pick up the car at an earlier date. I still retain all the emails and faxes of this transaction. If anyone would like to discuss our experience and save themselves a hassle you can contact me via this service or call me at 970-586-0600 ext. 1099. I have already secured another auto transport service and will certainly report my experience here.

Comments: Response: Posted by a representative of AFT Logistics, Inc. on 8/12/2006 10:58:00 AM

Michael, We understand your frustrations and apologize that we could not meet your demand for date of pick up or even as close the 10th as possible and that your demands did not meet our scheduled two drivers attempts. With the exception of confirming your faxed order 7/26/06 when our office was closed so that Faye and Her Husband could renew their vows, we have communicated with you, your wife, and mother every step of the way. As you, your wife and mother are well aware of and were informed of when threatened with Transport Reviews backlash, we can not jeopardize the privacy of our clients information; however we can provide the information from our records without your personal information being given. As you are employed by an Auto Maker that our competitor has interest and stock in, we can only hope that comments, actions and request were not in anyway a planned ploy to defame our name to inhance the reputation of that competitor for profit. We stand by Faye and her efforts to assist you. even with all the obstacles given her with this order. She has been awarded the highest Customer Service Award by her peers and clients and is an extremely warm person and we are glad to have her on our team. We hope that the competitor you have chosen provides you with the same respect and effort we tried to provide you and that your vehicle makes it to CO without any further delays.

Angela Manager AFT Logistic Inc Toll Free: 1-877-238-3390


I am very sorry that this client has posted the above comments without the complete facts of the order. I am the customer service rep, Faye. Michael contacted AFT Logistics on 7/26/06 14 days ago and requested a pick up on the 8/10/06 ONLY. I explained that would be the expedited Urgent rate 1425.00 as they needed a specific date. He did not wish to pay that rate and faxed us the order form with the expedited request but only the standard payment of 1250. I immediately contacted him and explained the rates again. He accepted the standard 1-9 days for pick up beginning 8/2/06 to 8/10/06. I scheduled a driver for pick up on 8/3/06 however Michael did not want to release the vehicle early & refused to release. I agreed to try another truck without any additional charges. I scheduled another driver for 8/7/06 and Michael told the driver he would rather it be picked up on the 8th. The Driver had committed to leave NJ on the 7th and could not wait over night. On 8/7/06 I called Cynthia, his wife, to explain it would benefit them to let it go today and she said they would wait on the next truck. I explained, in detail ,that we have already scheduled two trucks and I could not promise her another truck before or on the 10th. She decided to "take her chances." On 8/8/06 she left 7 voices mails within 20 minutes. I called her 47 minutes later and explained we were diligently looking for another driver for tomorrow however he was sick and could not promise he would be able to run. Today is 8/9/06 and our driver, Tom is in the hospital with a kidney stone stuck in his uretha and was having surgery & he would not be able to run. Michael,Cynthia and their mom have called me several times and each time I explained we were trying to move their vehicle, even after they refused two trucks but could not promise a driver. I let them know that I was still ( 11pm on the 9th) trying to get a fourth truck. I have a truck in PA we can route to pick up under the Urgent rate as quoted in the beginning however they refuse to pay that rate and insisted he drive their anyway and pick up their vehicle. Without the additional fuel payment to take him off route, we could not do this. I am sadden that this client felt he should make the statements above without the compelte truth of the issue and feel we have gone above and beyond to try to transport their vehicle and communicated with them at every level. We do everything we can to accomidate our clients needs no matter the obstacles given to us; however we can not perform miracles. I am truly sorry they chose not to pay the quoted rate for the service needed and that we can not assist them before the 10th; however we tried our best and never once charged them any monies. Thank you, Faye Sr. Quote Specialist AFT Logistics Inc.

Sarah Morgan

They were great. Faye is excellent. This is the third time I have moved my volvo with them and I have never had any issues. I highly recommend AFT to anyone because they get the job done everytime.

Jennifer Moore

I was hesitant to use them however it's the best choice I made in years. They picked up my car in CA and had it here in GA in 5 days. They did everything they claimed and more. Angela was a great help in the beginning and took more than ample time with me through out the entire move. I think they were great

Scott Crumbley

Excellent Service Provided by the entire Staff. I have a 2007 Mazda RX8 that I needed from FL to CA ASAP for the show there this week. They picked up (enclosed) and had it there in 6 days. The vehicle arrived exactly as it was loaded, never moved or uncovered. The drivers were spectacular and very professional. They will be shipping it back for me this weekend.

Rebecca Wright

Very poor service from AFT logistics. They promise you everything and deliver nothing.


They were the best. Unlike the other review, they promised and delivered everything and more. My car was clean, on time and the driver and Faye were the most professional and fun to work with

Brandon Wilson

AFT Logistics is the best. I needed my car delivered from WY to GA and Angels moving autos took my money and never picked it up. Then Amerifreight did the same. AFT LOGISTICS did not take any upfront money from me, picked it up the next day and had it here in 7 days. I will never use or trust anyone else but Angela, Gail and the staff at AFT. Kudo's to you all

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