Addicks & Kreye is the well established company, founded 1908 in Bremen. The company is operating and linked together under Addicks & Kreye Holding GmbH. help
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Addicks & Kreye Holding GmbH

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Low cost international shipping and moving services!
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Addicks & Kreye Holding GmbH
Phone:       0421 - 69435-0
Fax:            0421 - 69435-10 + 50
Address:Windhukstr. 20-26
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Addicks & Kreye Container Service GmbH Bremen, is holding container depots and doing container repairs. All services of a container depot including M + R activities, inspection, maintenance, repairs, cleaning of and trading with all types of container are available.

Addicks & Kreye Container Service GmbH & Co. KG Bremerhaven, offers a wide service "all around the container". All classical services of a container depot are being rendered, including M+R activities, inspection, maintenance, repairs and cleaning, for all types of container. The repairs of reefer-units and diesel generators for special container including PTI and general acceptance test.

Addicks & Kreye Container Logistik GmbH & Co. is acting in the classic field of container trucking, local and long distance, as well as in the special traffic (reefer, low bottom and exceptional loads).

Tally-Union Addicks & Kreye / Tally-Union GmbH & Co. is the root of a group of companies. Addicks took over and continued the services under the wellknown name of Addicks & Kreye.

The A & K owned transport fleet of trucks and trailers has been transferred to Wilhelm Müller Spedition, Küperei und Lagerung GmbH & Co., a 100% subsidiary of Addicks & Kreye Container Logistik GmbH & Co. and is being employed by A & K exclusively.

About 100 trucks per day are being dispatched within Germany and across the borders, with special concentration on trucking within the triangle between the seaports Bremerhaven, Bremen and Hamburg.

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