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Established in 1983, A-A Auto Transport was founded as a single source for all your shipping and transport needs. Company offers complete transport services coast to coast in the United States and Canada. help
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A-A Auto Transport

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Low cost international shipping and moving services!
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A-A Auto Transport
Phone:       (800) 466-6935
Fax:            (858) 578-8612
Address:7968 Arjons Drive, Suite 111
San Diego , California
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At A-A Auto Transport, we offer our customers a full shipping service, both "in" the United States and Canada. We ship autos, SUVs, trucks, vans, RVs, and boats.

Domestic auto transport:

- coast-to-coast auto transport;
- we ship to and from Hawaii and Alaska;
- open double decker car carriers & enclosed trucks;
- network of experienced carriers and truck operators;
- trucks specifically designed to transport vehicles;
- discount for multiple vehicle shipping;
- carriers equipped to safely transport your vehicle;
- transport and pricing conforming to ICC regulation.

- insurance for your vehicle during transit is included;
- we offer marine insurance at discounted rates.

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Customer's Reviews:


AA Auto Transport gave me a 8 - 12 day estimate for shipping via truck from Sacramento to Saskatoon SK Canada. However the vehicle was shipped by rail from Vancouver to Saskatoon and I was not notified about this until I called to see where it was and why it hasn't arrived. Then I was referred to Sea Rail for inquiries. Sea Rail then estimated 14 days from Vancouver to Saskatoon, longer than my entire estimated door to door shipping estimate from Sacramento Ca. by A-A Auto.
So they gave me a 8 - 12 day shipping estimate when they new this would be impossible as all they have to do is ask Sea rail and they will say two weeks for the rail portion alone; and they did not disclose that it was going by rail until after I had paid them and the vehicle was in transit. And trust me Sea Rail is no fun to deal with! The guy in Saskatoon is never in and NEVER returns calls when leaving a message, NOT ONCE!(MITCHNER is his name)I complained to Sea Rail as this has happened to me when shipping two vehicles via Sea Rail and they don't care....Avoid Sea Rail if shipping to Canada.


Delivered my vehicle 40 days LATE, dirty, and NO compensation.
NO door to door delivery as advertised. Debbie told me, "if you want your car bad enough you will find a way to meet the trucker!"
Curt and arrogant employees who need a lesson in customer service.
Be informed before you contract.



Initial written quote for door to door was deemed 'wrong', which I would pay by credit card. Re-quoted me for $300 more but to their warehouse a few hundred miles away. I asked them to give me a discount, which they did, then when I went to use the credit card they added it back on. So I shipped the vehicle but that was cary too. The truck driver demanded the original title docs from the auto dealer in Florida. The new secretary at the dealer was going to give the title to the driver when the owner of the dealership returned and stopped her. If the title had been handed over the crooked truck driver would just sell my vehicle and I would say bye bye to $30,000. Then, on arrival, they had told me two days of storage at the warehouse was included, but when I went to get the car after two days I got another $300 bill and they refused to release the car unless I paid it.

The way I see it, this is A to B shipping, and every step of the way, from A to B, this company and its operators is run and staffed by crooks.

Trevor Capra

Was initially told they would pick car up on a Monday or Tuesday. Julia than told me it would be Wednesday or Thursday. She said never told me Monday or Tuesday. Called back and supervisor (Isaac) said it was picked up Tuesday (which it wasn't). Called late Thursday, said truck broke down and couldn't pick up until Monday. Called dealerhip where car was they told dealership Monday or Tuesday. Get the picture, only story after another. The story continues. At this point I still have not got my car Never got a straight answer. Can't trust them!!!!!!

Trevor Capra

Further to my last review, I got a pleasant surprise today. Car to be delivered to my front door on Monday same day clears customs. If I get the car Monday that would be about 14 days from time it was ready to be picked up - can't complain. Isaac explained truck driving requirements and custom procedures today which I wasn't originally clear on. Should be driving my new wheels tuesday.

dan belainsky

Not only was my car (2004 Audi Allroad) late, the interior was a mess and the car was delivered to me with 752 additional miles that were not on vehicle when they picked it up from Virginia. They picked up my vehicle with no paper work for the dealer to sign off on and in the end they had no paper work to prove the mileage at time of pickup yet deny there was extra mileage put on when in there possession. 2 guys in a car showed up to pick up the car and drove it to New Jersey from Virginia where it sat supposedly at a yard waiting to be picked up to delivery to me on Ontario Canada. They based there investigation by hear say no documentation to back up any of there findings to me. During the late delivery time I was concerned about where my car was and was ensured it was in good safe location.
I went and met the truck driver (car was not delivered to my door as I paid for. At this point I just wanted my car out of there hands). When I got the car home (about 7km away) and I started checking it out I was devastated to learn my car had 752 additional miles put on it from while it was in there possession.
Not once did they apologize to me about the extra 752 miles, but came back to me after there Micky Mouse internal investigation and said there records show the mileage was not there doing. (again they picked up my car with no paper work or truck).
This experience with A-A Auto transport aka. USCANADA autotransport has left me with a sick feeling for days knowing my car was driven without any permission whatsoever for 752 miles (12-15 hours of driving). Unbelievable. In the end, they didn't care about my circumstances they got payed up front and knew I couldn't afford to take them to court over this manner. I urge anyone to not hire this company(s) to ship you car i was left devastated and they didn't care...sad.
I hope this helps at least one person not get taken by this company as I did.
Do you research and demand argumentation throughout the shipment of you vehicle.
This was an expensive lesson I had to learn...don't be scammed by these people.


If your going to ship a car from the us to canada i would recommend hansons. i have used both and hansons is a million times better. Me and a friend of mine had the same problems as listed on the other reviews. my car was late, had an extra 172 miles on it, it was delievred by some guy from the yard who drove it to my drop off location. he left the car with my friend, didnt ask for any id, paper work or bill of landing and left.When my s2000 arrived there was damage to the transmission. I asked them to pay for it and they said it wasnt them and he denied that the yard drove it to my drop off point and about the extra miles. said they only deliver by flat bed.
I spoke to dion saks about all the problems i had, he said and i quote "its your word vs ours and your in canada"
they were only nice till the recieved payment for the car. after that everything went down hill

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