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Ship Repairers liability

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Ship Repairers liability
A ship repairer must cover loss or damage to vessels including whilst being worked upon, being shifted in tow or otherwise or on trials.
The basis of repair include:
loss/damage to the vessel in the care of the Assured for the purposes of being worked upon
shifting and moving within the port confines, including trial trips
loss/damage to cargo etc. on or discharged from the vessel being subject of repair
loss/damage to machinery whilst removed from vessel for the purpose of being worked upon, including whilst in transit between vessel and repairers premises
removal of wreck
Sudden and accidental Seepage & Pollution.
Ship Repairers Liability (SRL) insurance is created to provide cover against liabilities arising from acts of negligence and resulting in loss or damage to the property of others.
Cover applies to liabilities arising out of ship repairing activities and is not created as an all-encompassing general third party cover. Depending on individual needs, we can also develop comprehensive package to provide coverage for 'non-marine' liabilities, including cover for general third party exposures for loss, damage not directly concerning ship repairing operations and product guarantee to cover ongoing liabilities arising from specialist repair or modification work.
Generally, ship repairs may include:
- Pipeline Renewals
- Mechanical works
- Steel Renewals
- Hydroblasting and painting
- Electrical works etc.
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