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How to start your own drop shipping business

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How to start your own drop shipping business
The idea of drop shipping is that a wholesale drop shipper provides you with an opportunity of selling products without buying them first. They also function as service providers preventing you from having to:
- Store items
- Package and ship items
- Risk money on items when you aren't sure about how they will sell

1. First of all find a supplier

You need to explore all possible suppliers. Look for ones who are experienced in drop shipping and who understand the importance of sending out your items in a timely manner. Find out the following details before negotiating:
1.How long it will take for an order to be shipped once you have placed the order with them
2.What shipping methods they offer and which company they use.
3.About their quality control systems.
4.If they provide warranties.
5.If you can use their product photos for your ecommerce site.
2. Choose products from your new supplier's range
Start by exploring your suppliers product range and pick out a few items which interest you and do some market research. Find the best selling items.
If none of your products match up, then go back and find something else to research.
3. Get a tax ID
Some wholesale suppliers require you to have one before they will do business with you. You do need a sales tax ID (also known as retail or resellers license, tax ID, resale number resale certificate or vendor's license) if you are inside the US or Canada and running a business. Note that some states including Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon do not require sales tax ID's.
In order to get a sales tax ID, you may need to be a business entity; a company or a sole proprietor, and to have a Federal Tax ID number.
4. Choose a selling platform
There is a wide range of various online auction sites out there which are getting a lot of traffic . Check out sites like, and and see if there is a market there for your product range.
For sellers who are really looking to diversify, take into account setting up your own ecommerce site.
5. Manage your listings
You have to list your items in the same way you would if you had the stock on hand.
For example, if your supplier is based in Rome, you must display this in your listing so that buyers are aware that there may be longer than expected shipping times. Check out all the details of the policy.
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