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Top 10 Moving Mistakes You Can Avoid

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Top 10 Moving Mistakes You Can Avoid
1.Not organizing your relocation in advance. Doing things in the last minute may cause paying more than you was supposed to. One of the major moving mistakes can be avoided if you organize your time in a proper way.
2.Not researching the area well. When you are relocating consider the area where you are going to live. You should know that there are neighborhoods with lower crime rates which is very important especially if you are planning to live with your children there.
3.Not planning the right time to move. The summer, holidays, weekends are usually very busy periods for the movers. Not researching the costs for moving at different times is a great mistake. If you want to relocate during busier periods moving companies you will have to pay more.
4.Considering that a self move is cheaper than collaborating with a moving company. When you are moving yourself you have many things to take care of. If you just calculate each one of these costs you will be surprised to find out that hiring professionals to do that job is cheaper.
5.Not getting multiple quotes. It is very important because different companies offer differnt pricing (sometimes charge may be too high). However you can find a great professional moving company that will provide a quality work for a reasonable amount of money. Also different movers provide different services. You should also remember that the lowest quote is not always the best choice (it may be a moving scam).
6.Not asking for a visual estimate. An estimate over the phone or e-mail is enough ó never! Ask for an in-home estimate. Be sure to tell all things to the movers. Sometimes furniture does not fit through the door or go through the staircase.
7.Not showing everything to the movers. When the moving company coworker arrives at your home show them everything you are planning to move. The moving company also has to know what is the access to your home. Arranging all those details is very important, and it will help make your move easy.
8.Not researching the movers well. Donít hire a random company. You should also check the moversí license with the US Department of Transportation and ask your friends about movers they hire.
9.Ignoring to do the packing right. Follow all the rules of packing possessions. These simple things can save you both time and money during your relocation.
10.Not exploring the moving documentation. Read what the movers give you and learn your moving rights. And remember - never put your signature under blank paper!

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