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5 Difficult Things to Move

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5 Difficult Things to Move
Moving makes you crazy? Preparing boxes, lugging mattresses and carrying armchairs and glasses is bothering and stressful work.
But except the fulfilled boxes of books and magazines, and the furniture pieces, there are certain items that are especially difficult to move. They require thorough preparation and even the help of a specialized moving professional. Which belongings are the most difficult to move? Find out in this article.
- Aquarium and Fish
If you have an aquarium and fish, then you probably have a moving challenge. Fish usually don't survive the temperature changes while a move. You will possibly hear an advice to sell or give away your fish and the aquarium to someone. To make the move of your fish easier here are some tips: Put your fish into a holding container. Drain most of the tank but keep some of the water. If you have aquarium plants, pour some of the aquarium water into a bag and store the plants in there.
- Plants
A move can be traumatic for plants. First of all, move them to plastic planters a few weeks before the move. Plants also need to remain in a temperature-controlled environment. Put the plant in the car with you where the temperature is just right in order to protect them.

- Piano
If you have grand piano, it is troublesome. These instruments are oddly shaped, extremely heavy and very difficult to get into a new home. So you can hire a piano moving service and avoid all that chaos while moving your valuable piano.
- Art
Moving art can be a stressful task as well. First of all you should know that it will be expensive. The best thing to do is to wrap each frame in bubble wrap and then tape box pieces to each side to protect it.
- TVs
TVs moving can also cause some problems since that they can be quite large and heavy, and the monitors can be easily damaged. It's difficult to know whether to wrap a TV in a blanket and simply carry it as is, or put it inside a box and pack it.
You can also put the TV back into the box it came in. If you're moving a plasma TV, never put the screen face down on the floor.

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