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What Is a Dangerous Goods Declaration?

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What Is a Dangerous Goods Declaration?
A dangerous goods declaration includes documenting contents of hazardous materials generally shipped by sea, land, or air. The document approves a shipper followed regulations concerning labeling and packaging to safely transport materials or substances that pose a risk to people or animals.
When a hazardous material is shipped, the dangerous goods declaration records the number of items being sent and the net weight of the whole shipment. The form includes the name and address of the carrier, the type of packaging material utilized, and a number (toll-free) of a contact person in an emergency.
There is a great number of regulations for various methods of transport. The International Air Transport Industry (IATI) regulates hazardous materials shipped by plane. This form must associate with lithium batteries, oxygen tanks, magnetized products, and radioactive substances.
Biological samples with infectious properties sent by air are also regulated by the IATI. Biological samples mentioned in a declaration might be taken to research labs for diagnostic purposes.
The IATI assigns standards and enforces regulations through a dangerous goods board. The board might also audit a shipment to ensure a dangerous goods declaration properly describes the hazardous materials and that packaging is sufficient to prevent leakage.
A declaration for items sent by land or sea determines flammable liquids or solids. Any material that could explode or emit hazardous gas belongs to the specific regulations regarding packaging and handling. Toxic substances require specific coding and labeling indicated on the dangerous goods declaration.
These documents assist in handling of hazards when moving packages from one mode of transportation to another. Emergency personnel can review the declaration and determine the type of substance needing clean-up to guard the health and safety of the public from harm.
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