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Low Environmental Impact
Hardly, we can dispute about the fact that shipping is considered one of the most carbon-efficient kinds of transportation. According to the report of an IMO, international maritime shipping annually accounts for 2.7% of global greenhouse gas emissions. According to another research, shipping also produces fewer exhaust gas emissions which contain nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, particulates, carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide.
Notes of interest:

- A great number of goods is usually shipped from the Port of Melbourne to the Port of Long Beach in the U.S.A, a distance of 7,935 miles, and generate fewer CO2 emissions than are generated when providing the transportation the same cargo in the U.S. by truck from Dallas to Long Beach.
- A lot of goods also can be moved from the port of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to Tianjin, China, a distance of 2,067 miles emitting fewer CO2 gases than would be emitted if the same goods were moved from Wuhan in Central China to Tianjin (614 miles).
- The entire container transportation from China to Europe is equaled in CO2 emissions by 200 kilometers of long-haul trucking in Europe. This fact was found out by the researchers conducting an assessment for the World Economic Forum.
However, the size and course to the globalization of the shipping industry makes the industry to work on reducing its harmful environmental impact. Comparing a modern 12,000 TEU ship built in 2007 and a 1500 TEU container in 1976 we can observe that the carbon efficiency on a per-mile cargo volume basis has improved 75% in 30 years.

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